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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to install a heated towel rail in the bathroom with their hands


  • 1 Consider the basic modification
    • 1.1 What required materials and tools?
    • 1.2 How to install towel rail with your hands?Step-by-
    • 1.3 Installing electric towel warmer

towel warmer in the bathroom serves as a drying machine, creates a warm climate, which eliminates the appearance of mold, dampness, and also prevents the formation of odor in the wet stuff.

Today's market is full of these products with various design decorations and color schemes.Well, the purchase is made.The next task - assembling towel warmer.And when there is a skill and a desire to do this work with their hands, then take a little theoretical knowledge that will help to correctly and efficiently install the unit.

Note: it depends on the type of towel warmer way to its mounting.

Consider the basic modification

  • Water .This type of all known since the times of the Soviet Union, are the most popular models, require the presence of a heating system or a continuous supply of hot water.Made of stainles
    s steel, brass, copper, characterized by low cost of the purchase.
  • Electric .There are floor and wall units that are located anywhere in the room.Connecting them may open and closed method, when the wire walled up in the wall, or output to a power outlet.There are temperature controllers.
  • combined.Hybrids first two types, but most are aqueous products.This design allows them to work and when heating is switched off, and they cost much more expensive than the previous types.

Install the towel warmer in the bathroom include several types of work.

  • Removing the old unit.
  • Soldering pipes.
  • mount faucets on the dryer.
  • Jumper.
  • himself a heated towel rail.
  • unit for pipe welding;
  • Polypropylene pipes.
  • Brackets and 3 ball valves.
  • couplings.
  • knife for cutting pipes.

What required materials and tools?

  • himself a heated towel rail.
  • unit for pipe welding;
  • Polypropylene pipes.
  • Brackets and 3 ball valves.
  • couplings.
  • knife for cutting pipes.

Note: If the installation will be performed plastic pipes, it is necessary to take into account the instability of the material to the pressure drops.This method is quite cost-effective and operational, the installation of the unit is performed by crimping.

How to install towel rail with your hands?Step-by-

Before you carry out the dismantling of the old device, it is necessary to block the riser hot water, and only then remove the old pipes.

Mount jumper.This, of course, not necessary, but the benefits during the further operation of the unit material.No need to depend on the decisions of others, wait until the water is shut off around the riser, and just take - and stop the water supply to the polotentsosushitelyu ball valves, the water goes to the lintel, without disturbing the pressure in the system.
When installing this bypass is required Polypropylene pipes and ball valves.In some cases, allowed to mount a crane in the middle of a jumper, in order to remove air from the dryer and to provide a current of water in the main pipe.

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welding pipes.Install the towel warmer continues soldering polypropylene pipes, but you can take and copper (expensive), steel (marker), plastic (unstable).
Installation towel warmer with their hands require pipe connection to the central heating system or the hot water supply units.It is allowed to connect to the dryers to heating systems with automatic water pumping.Installation

bathroom towel warmer performed via couplings (measuring 1 "x1 / 2" or 1 "x3 / 4").Gradients are performed during the liner coolant flow, up to 10 mm in length.Liner to 500 ml can be horizontal.

Attention: hot water supply standpipe must be located above the dryer to the water circulation is carried out in all directions, for uniform heating of the entire drying unit.

towel warmer installation height is made at a distance of 120 cm from the floor, and at least 60 cm indentation of all sanitary objects and devices.Positioning the dryer on the washing machine is not prohibited, as long as it does not interfere with the use of the unit.If the product is installed in the form of a ladder, it must be understood that the height will depend on the growth of the residents in this area.Near the drying should not be electrical.

further step of mounting the towel warmer water with your hands means securing the device and the test.It is necessary to check the tightness of all connections, to probe all joints.Leaking and dripping should not be!

Installing electric towel warmer

This essential device for drying towels can be an excellent interior decoration.Advantages are obvious: the product can be installed in any place, to regulate the heating temperature.

How to install the towel rail with an electric drive?First, you must decide on the installation location, to calculate the voltage on the electric power grid to ground unit, annihilate the outlet, which should be protected from ingress of water.

With any method of installation of the dryer, it is necessary to build qualitatively residual current device, tan should be pointing up, and the unit in an upright position.It is also important to adjust the distance between the wall and the equipment.

After the complete installation takes approximately 15 minutes and only then switch on the appliance.

Towel can also be installed in the corridor, in the kitchen, in the room or on the gazebo.This product is multi-functional, and provides removal of humidity that is so necessary, especially in the winter time.
power of this product is much lower conventional heater, and thus consumes less electricity.Here are ways
provided towel warmer setting their own hands.The work is not complicated, but very responsible.Let this piece of furniture for years uninterrupted serves its owners!