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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to paint a tree right

How to paint a tree photo Painting paint, color paint doors and all wooden surfaces.

Wooden flooring, doors, windows - all of which require periodic repairs and painting.Instead, each time calling the wizard, you can prepare for this work and do it yourself.

need to paint a tree:

- painting Material;
- Brush;
- putty;
- primer;
- spatula;
- Construction dryer / chemical cleaner;
- sandpaper.

1. Select the material for painting.On the market there are many types of of paints for wood different shades, transparency and gloss.Select coating material depending upon the type of wood and the design of the room.

For all types of wood (including tar) suitable oil enamel.They are well-covered rough surfaces, as these have a high wear resistance of enamel.

for decoration using acrylic enamel.They are water-soluble and less wear than oil.They have not expressed such shine.Acrylic enamel dries quickly, and are suitable for all types of wood (other than tar).

To get a transparent coating, using varnishes - oil or water-based

polyurethane.The former are more durable, but the water based paints dry faster.Lucky there are tinted with the addition of stains.

2. Prepare tools for painting.Pick up a brush.If the means working with small parts, provision of small brushes.To polish the surface, you will need sandpaper, preferably finely divided.

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3. Prepare the surface prior to painting the tree.If it already has one or more layers of paint, which departs and kept bad, it is better to strip it.To do this, use the hairdryer construction - under the influence of its old paint will flake off, remove it with a spatula.

4. Instead of the hair dryer, you can use chemical cleaners (washing-raising agents).After chemical cleaner wipe wood vinegar and pure water to neutralize the alkali formed.If the old layer of paint is relatively smooth and clings, you can do sanding.After that, remove dust from the surface - wipe with a lint-free cloth.

5. Most wooden surfaces require spackling.To paint lay down evenly seal the defects, scratches and holes, if any.Use the putty, smoothing it gently, that there was no need for sanding later.It is better to take a fine brush.Keep in mind - when the putty harden perfectly align, you will not be able.

6. In order to seal the large openings, use foam construction - too much can be cut with a knife when foam hardens.If there are small bumps, sand the surface with sandpaper.Cover linseed oil putty before painting to avoid the appearance of cracks.

7. Immediately prior to painting you can prime the surface (although this is not required).Primer desirable, especially when the surface is uneven.Primer - this impregnation material forming a uniform film on the surface.It embeds the pores, gluing dust, reduces the consumption of paints and varnishes, prolongs the life of the wood.Apply primer in one layer and then wait at least two hours before painting.

8. Proceed with the painting.Spend a few brush on wood vertical stripes, each time anew dipping it in paint.Spread the paint on the surface.So dye it all.

Useful tips

To protect yourself, wear a mask and gloves, especially when working with building a hairdryer and chemical cleaners.

Begin to work in the morning, in good light.