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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to paint a bath with his hands : tips "experienced" !


  • 1 For those who are planning to upgrade your bathroom, an urgent need to upgrade the bath.But even repair this product requires certain skills and knowledge.
    • 1.1 What are the steps and methods of painting font?Main nuances and peculiarities of this process!
      • 1.1.1 Tools and accessories for painting
        • What paint can paint the bath?Choosing material
      • 1.1.2 Features cooking epoxy enamel
    • 1.2 Can I paint the bath acrylic paint yourself?

For those who are planning to upgrade your bathroom, an urgent need to upgrade the bath.But even repair this product requires certain skills and knowledge.

What are the steps and methods of painting font?Main nuances and peculiarities of this process!

First, keep in mind that the bath is in the room humid, almost every day "in contact" with water, and then dyes should be selected according to these characteristics, not just because it likedColour.The mixture should be resistant to moisture, have an increased adhes

ion.Securely "stick" to the surface, so that after a certain time has not occurred paint peeling.

Experts advise to buy ternary compositions, mostly from manufacturers such as Dulux, Tikkurila, Jobi.They include soil composition pale colors, semi-gloss.

Before you paint the tub with your hands, you need to prepare safety equipment.

  • respirator cartridge-absorbent, you can use the civil and military gas masks.
  • oilcloth apron and rubber gloves.Suit latex double layer, but then you need to cook for at least 2-3 pairs.

Attention: carry out the work must be colorful with open windows wide open, with good ventilation, and hence to carry out painting baths with their own hands is not desirable in the winter, at 20 degrees below zero.It will be cold to all members of the household!

Tools and accessories for painting

  1. Brush made of natural material, 90 mm.
  2. grinding cup and dyureksovy circle on a rubber base.
  3. Paint knife to remove the pile with a brush.
  4. 0.5 liters.№646 or acetone solvent.
  5. Microfiber sulfite or a clean towel to wipe the glasses respirator.

What paint can paint the bath?Choosing material

most common paint - epoxy enamel, used in construction for over 20 years.It used for a long time, but also requires a technically accurate implementation of all stages of its application.

Acrylic is used for the restoration is relatively recent, but the resistance is not inferior to epoxy.It is applied easily, but that is an order of magnitude higher than the previous material.

For the beginner and layperson far to implement the paint work is better to use acrylic.
first phase of painting the bathroom with their hands - preparation.

consists of four elements:

  • purification;
  • resurfacing;
  • degreasing;
  • closure tape tiles.

cleaning baths of various contaminants, it needs to go to sleep at the bottom of the oxalic acid, or other active Pemolyuks detergent thoroughly carried out.Sustain for 15-20 minutes and then wash off.Now we proceed to abrasion.Remove the drain plug and locks with an electric Durex smoothes the surface.Check the result of LED Flashlight, Lambent spots should not be, as well as traces of rust and water stains.

before degreasing is necessary to remove all the dust with a vacuum cleaner, clean the drain hole with a cloth soaked with solvent.Now, using gloves and apron, pour into the bathroom 0.5 Sanoksa, Pemolyuks and rub the sponge across the surface of the product evenly.You can relax for an hour.

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Attention: degreasing should be done during the grinding process in order to better the grinding wheel slip.For these purposes may be used ordinary soda and that washed with hot water and dried surface is dry.

Next make rinsing baths of detergent, ideally it should be done 1-2 times.Gaining full bath and add 0.5 acidic detergent bottle.

After a thorough rinse dry the surface of the building hairdryer.Remove the harness from the sink and start to paint enamel bath with his hands.

Features cooking epoxy enamel

Begin to mix all the components needed after the completion of preparatory work, a mixture suitable for 30-45 minutes after cooking.

The structure can add a little solvent, which will improve the properties of complaisance to the material.Depending on the volumes of base is taken the right amount of hardener.The ratio of all components can be read on the packaging of the product.

Warning: the base is measured in portions of 250 ml, and hence add one part hardener.Thoroughly mix the composition.

Paint bath with his hands, brush generously lubricated composition and pounded on the surface.To touch the place stained hands can not.If the villi appear on the brush, then they should immediately remove with tweezers or needle gypsy.

After the first application waiting for 15 minutes and then doing all the work, from the same place and in the same direction.After the procedure, a bath is closed for 2 days, the more, the better it will serve as a painted surface.

How to paint the bath to avoid drip and sag?Their education should be carefully monitored and when they occur smear brush up.

possible variant of the restoration of the old baths, acrylic liner, or as it is called « bath in the bath », is an insert that covers the entire surface of the old container.

Can I paint the bath acrylic paint yourself?

to paint the cast-iron bath inside, you need to stock up on a roller with a short pile and buy the desired liquid.Paint must be extended tapering spiral from the edges to the drain, need to closely monitor, so as not to pop the bubbles.In the event they should break through the brush.It is necessary to apply another layer after the first hour.

Acrylic Tub & amp; Tile good running, but has a strong specific odor, used in well-ventilated area.It has for a long time.

Here's how to paint an old bath with his hands, ready to surface when properly applied paint will be the owners of more than 10 years.And effectively tailor rust, dents and chips.

Carefully read the instructions in the bath paint and treat your loved ones snow-white "masterpiece" in your performance!