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August 12, 2017 18:08

When better to make repairs

When doing repairs

When doing repairs

Planning repair in an apartment can be compared with the preparation of a large-scale offensive operation, conducted on several fronts.It is important not only correctly calculate the forces and means to determine the number of pieces of equipment, but also to correctly align the timing of the devastating blow to the "enemy."So, when it is most advantageous to begin repairs?

To start, determine what repairs you intend to do.If the event involves only the replacement of windows and radiators, it is better to take this one of the summer months.In the warmer months it is also recommended sealing of cracks in the walls, updated plumbing repair in the bathroom, because in the course of such repairs will have to cover the hot water supply.

When choosing the timing of repair, consider also that many construction materials are designed for use in positive temperature range, otherwise they may lose their useful properties.This applies to certain types of mixes and refinishing.Ask th

ese properties in the procurement of materials.

If you aspire to make repairs cheaper transfer of the work still to winter, because at that time, some construction and repair services cost significantly less.In the autumn-winter period, you can plan, for example, laying parquet and laminate, linoleum replacement.

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In winter or spring time schedule the preparatory work - planning design updated apartments, the purchase of necessary materials and appliances.Since the beginning of the summer season, as a rule, the price of a few finishing materials rising.

If it is impossible to carry out a quick one-time repair, break the entire scope of work on several stages.Part of the activities to perform repairs in the summer, and some operations move to a cooler time of the year.Works such as wallpapering the room, painting the walls and ceilings, tiling can be carried out at any time of the year.

Installation of air conditioning systems, which implies installation of an external unit, as well as the arrangement of a balcony or loggia spend in the warm season.Otherwise, you will not be able to maintain temperature in the living room during the work.In some cases it is possible to perform many of the works and in the winter, if the period of repair is possible to move the entire family to rented accommodation.Now you know when to make repairs in the apartment.You can read the article to begin the repair of the apartment.