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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to repair a cast iron bath

How to Repair a cast-iron bath photo To repair a cast-iron bath, or buy a new one?Replacing the bath - the procedure is expensive and time-consuming, because the iron - heavy stuff.There are several methods of repair of cast iron baths.At the same time there are a number of features that should be considered.

to repair a cast-iron bath You will need:
- drill with paddle;
- enamel;
- hardener;
- oxalic acid;
- sanitary acrylic insert;
- sealant;
-dvuhkomponentnaya foam;
- mastic;
- liquid acrylic.

1. Follow the enamel cast-iron bathtubs.To do this, the inside surface thoroughly cleaned of the old coating.Strip of irregularities and rust, using a drill with a special nozzle (brush, metal).Etch limescale oxalic acid.Degrease the surface of the iron bath, it is a very important moment in the repair.Then pour hot water into it for 5-10 minutes, drain it dry thoroughly.Mix hardener and enamel.Apply the first coat of enamel on the surface of the iron bath and allow it to dry in 10-20 minutes.Then, with the same interval Apply a second and t

hen a third.

2. Attach the bottom of the fourth layer of the bath.The process of restoration or repair of a cast-iron bath this method lasts for about 4 hours.After applying the last layer, the enamel should be well dry.Bath can not be used within three days.Such repairs are cast-iron bath can be carried out independently, taking into account the detailed instructions to the bank with enamel.You can also take advantage of services and restoration companies.However, there are some nuances.You must bear in mind that this is the life of the enamel within a year and a half.This bath should be used with caution.Since enamel is scratched, it is necessary to wash it only with a soft cloth and gels.After 1.5 years old need a new repair.

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3. Perform repair a cast iron bath, using a liner of sanitary acrylic, which in this case should be inserted into it.It is resistant to wear, durable, does not change color and its properties, has sufficient moisture resistance, repels dirt, neutral to household dyes quickly heats and cools more slowly.Prepare liner, because initially there are no holes for overflow and drain.They should be cut on site.Then the space around them to be sealed.According to the technology, the cast-iron bath should be about 5 mm gap along the perimeter, so that it can be inserted Drains flush.

4. Glue carefully acrylic liner in the bath, using a two-component foam or special mastic.The first should be applied over the entire surface.Otherwise, a liner acrylic voids will be formed and it will sag.Due to this, it may appear on the insert crack.When purchasing an acrylic liner, be sure to ask him a certificate.

5. Repair the cast-iron bath with a liquid acrylic.To do this, you clean its surface with a drill attachment or by hand.Degrease.Pour acrylic coating over the entire surface of the bath.Begin the process with the top sides and then the walls down.Put under the oil drain plug to the stack to excess material.With this method, the layer thickness will be about 6 mm.The process of the work lasts 4 hours.To use the bathroom can only be after 3-4dney.After the acrylic has cured, the coating will be resistant to abrasion, scratches and detergents.