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August 12, 2017 18:08

Tips for laying ceramic tiles


  • 1 1. What you need to know about the advantages of ceramic tile
  • 2 2. Tips for Choosing tiles
  • 3 3. How to cut tile
  • 4 4. Preparationtile surface
  • 5 5. tiling secrets
Tips for laying ceramic tile picture Desktop tips for laying ceramic tiles, tricks of the trade.

Preparing for tiling: 5 Tips

advantages of ceramic tiles are clear: being one of the oldest materials used in the decoration, tiles eco-friendly product, durable, unpretentious care, waterproof, relatively inexpensive, it is presented ina large assortment.Consider a few tips on facing tiles, benefits, tips on choosing how to cut, surface preparation, little secrets and tricks when laying on site repair one-bedroom apartment with his hands.Recall that after viewing the helpful tips we recommend to read the article how to put the tiles on the bathroom floor and walls properly with video instruction.She further.

1. What you need to know about the advantages of ceramic tile

• It has a high strength.Surfaces tiled, last longer, compared with

a number of other materials are used to cover walls and floors.

• Do not burn, it does not emit toxic substances and smoke.

• Moisture resistant.Perhaps this is the ideal material for use in rooms with high humidity such as a bathroom or shower room.

• Resistant to wear and tear.As a floor covering, it is not subject to abrasion and wear, the best evidence - market places or underground passages, where it is opposed to even cover a large flow of people.

• Provides slip resistance.Modern tiles are available with the addition of abrasive sand for glaze, so it is present anti-slip factor.

• frost resistance.Vitreous ceramic tiles, as well as a porcelain stand any frost, if they are used for the exterior cladding of the house or facing balcony.

• Easy maintenance.What could be easier than from time to time to wash with water, and often simply wipe with a damp sponge.

• Chemically stable.Ceramic tile is not afraid of exposure to acids, alkalis and other chemicals.

• Do not change color when exposed to sunlight.

2. Tips for Choosing tiles

Tips for choosing a ceramic tile Photo modern market offers a large variety of the most diverse tiles.When you select should be guided by the specific place facing either a floor, walls or separate areas, as well as the location where will be facing.For the tiles in the bathroom or swimming pool tiles need a low porosity, but no matter the degree of wear resistance, which also applies to the floor.

for tiles in the kitchen are the same requirements, with the exception of sex, which should be more robust, and low porosity tiles.Even more resistant to abrasion need in the hallway.And look how calculates the number of tiles for the bathroom or any other room.

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All necessary information can be found on the packaging:

• on packages for floor tiles depicted foot on a black background

• if it is suitable for the wall, it shows the hand

•frost snowflake depicted

• for increased durability says foot on shaded background

• characterized by a high level of repetition of the same icon

edges should be smooth surface without cracks, chips, smooth to the touch.

3. How to cut tile

Before cutting tiles at home, it is necessary to soak for 40-60 minutes in the water.Then, noting the line of incision in her glass cutter roller.Align the notch with the edge of the table, push and break.Or enclose a match score line and press simultaneously on both sides.It splits exactly in the notch.The incision needs to be done once, holding them from the edge towards you, leaving a groove.Apply a special tile cutter, which is different from the glass cutter wheel large size and the presence of a mechanism for breaking, a very handy thing.For large volumes of work, we recommend to buy such a device

4. Preparation of the surface under the tile

Preparation of the surface under the tile photo more carefully to be prepared under the surface of the lining, the longer you will last tile.First of all, you need to check the level or plumb walls.If there are gaps or surface between the plumb line and the wall is measured them with a tape measure.More levels check the evenness of the surface.The gap should not exceed 2 ml.You can check the strength of tapping the surface.If there are layers that fall off, it is necessary to remove them.If the walls are wooden, it is necessary before operating tile sheathe their metal grid, which was packed to the bars, and between the wall and the grid is laid roofing felt or roofing material.The mesh is coated with cement, plaster, but the plaster should not exceed 15 ml.Painted walls should be cleaned from paint completely.Otherwise, the tiles will move away from the wall with cement or glue mixture will begin to puff up and fall off.Then go slaps across the surface with a cloth moistened with a solution of cement with water.The solution is made liquid as cream.Once primed the wall dries out so you can proceed to the very wall.Preparation of the surface under the tile is an important step, do not ignore it, see the article alignment of the walls and ceiling with his hands, it is useful in our case.

5. tiling Secrets

begin work on laying bottom should be.Prior to this, checked the floor flatness and is strictly horizontal markings.The solution is applied with a trowel on the tiles, and then strongly pressed tiles to the wall, tapping his hammer handle or a special rubber mallet until the tile will not sit down to the desired level.Make sure that the solution is uniformly fill the entire surface of the tile, but it was no more than 15 mm.To get neat stitching, special stick crosses between the tiles.Once gripped solution, extracted.The tiles are chipped or cracked, substandard, leaving in order to establish where it does not fit the entire tiles.And look how to lay tile around pipes, angles, sockets and switches, simple secrets and tips - a big favor.