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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to choose the right hot tub


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How to choose the right hot tub spa bath photo Making the right choice bath

Previously a hot tub could only dream of.This privilege was for rich people.On the market today there is a huge selection of all kinds of configurations, colors, shapes and prices.More and more they are gaining popularity.And who does not want to take a bath, and simultaneously improve your health.

hydro courses are very useful for stress, varicose, increase the tone, removal of residues.But how to decide and choose the right, what to look for when buying?Site repair one-bedroom apartment with his hands tell the right decision.

How to choose a hot tub

To start, you need to determine what size and shape of the spa will fit your bathroom.If a small area of ​​the room, it is better to buy a rectangular shape and small size.The angular, round and oval shapes are more suitable for large rooms.It should be the optimal depth.You do not have to slide in it, but also should be deep.Optimal its depth o

f 45 cm. Before you choose and buy a hot tub, and think about how you will deliver it.whether it will pass through the doorway.Otherwise, you can be in a not very comfortable position.

now defined with the manufacturer.Legislator quality hot tubs is Germany.Of course, if they are of Chinese manufacturing, the cost is much lower, but here you have to be ready for surprises and unpleasant.Quality can bring.

If we talk about the material used to make these wonderful devices, it is worth noting that the high-quality material, the more expensive it will cost.Sometimes bathtub enclosure made of acrylic and plastic.of iron and steel Less.Made of cheap plastic.They are not resistant to hard water, temperature changes and quickly darken.So stop your choice on this material is not necessary.

Hot Tub photo more durable are those that are made of fiberglass.They are less prone to scratches and are made in different colors.

Cast iron products well retain heat.But it is, perhaps, one of the advantages.Much more disadvantages.Firstly they are heavy.Delivery and installation will cause more problems than pleasure.Besides iron - not plastic material.It is difficult to make holes for air and water.Therefore, the functions they lose.

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Steel bath lighter than cast iron.They are cheaper.But they have poor soundproofing.They do not hold heat.The best and high quality acrylic baths are presented today.They are the most popular among buyers.They are resistant to corrosion, resistant to thermal shock and to mechanical damage.They were easy to care for, but the surface is very smooth.Acrylic has the advantages of steel and cast iron.They are light and retain heat for a long time.So it is better to give preference to acrylic.

Now let's talk about the structure of whirlpool baths.After all, on what is equipped with a bath, will depend on the scope of its functions.

device whirlpool

The most important part of the spa - the pump.If the installation is only to pump the air is fed through nozzles in a limited amount.For greater effect in the bath set includes a compressor.The settings can be set up and an additional pump, which is responsible for a back massage.

Spa device photo

nozzles in the hot installation is responsible for the quality of the massage.They are located under the laws of acupressure.Some injectors are equipped with the function of ozone supply, which has analgesic effect.Nozzles differ in quality and price.Cheaper nozzles are made of brass and plastic.In the present expensive silver or gold.By function, they are divided on the micro, swirl, stream, rotating, pulsating, and others.Usually set at three nozzles on each side.In the back of their number may reach 60. Some are equipped with bath aeroforsunkami.

Managed by the entire system of the remote control.Remote control may be electronic or pneumatic.On the electronic control voltage is applied, which is safe for humans (12).But if this is confusing, select pneumatic control.Very convenient device, because you can adjust the massage modes, direction and pressure of the massage jets and water temperature.

Some models are equipped with head restraints, shower massage devices, music.Have decorative design elements.You can choose according to their own taste and wallet size.

So, you've decided on the type of device and the desired hot tub, the size, the manufacturer.But that is not all.At the time of purchase, carefully read the contract.Especially carefully read the paragraph, which concerns the repair and maintenance.Ask, in which case the service will be performed free of charge, and in which you will have to pay for repairs.Yet ask how often your bath will require routine maintenance.

better if before such a major purchase, you look at all the reviews of the selected model.It will not make a mistake, choose the best option and will know exactly what to buy a hot tub.We have a pleasant relaxation.