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August 12, 2017 18:08

Remodelling the kitchen with photos .Kitchen - living room


  • 1 Preparation of documents for redevelopment kitchen
  • 2 Expansion kitchen by a balcony or loggia
  • 3 What is forbidden about remodeling kitchens
  • 4 Redevelopment photo kitchen.Combining rooms, kitchen - living room
Remodelling the kitchen photo Tips on kitchen remodeling

often plan kitchen in the model homes is far from being able to meet the needs of the owners.After all, the kitchen space - a traditional place, not only for cooking but also for the reception, the traditional good cheer.The only way to make the kitchen to your liking - it's redevelopment, which will make the room meets the latest standards, ergonomic, convenient, improve architectural performance, in general, to expand the kitchen, possibly due to the balcony.Site Repair apartments with their own hands will tell you that this will require.

Kitchen in any case should not be transferred to another room.Also prohibited and remodeling the kitchen or the bathroom by the toilet.Often the kitchen combined with a room, turning thus into the

kitchen-dining room or kitchen-living room.But if you have a one-bedroom apartment is gasified, it is forbidden to do.The only thing that can be done in this case, install a sliding partition separating the kitchen and living room.If you combine the kitchen with the room, your living room has already lost the status of the room, turned to the kitchen, and it is inadmissible on the basis of mandatory meters of usable area.

Preparation of documents for redevelopment kitchen

In any case, starting to kitchen remodeling needs permission.It should be in the BTI (Bureau of Technical Inventory) to take the plan of the apartment, an extract from the technical certificate.To find the project company, Koya make TCC (technical advice), to conclude an agreement on the management of copyright oversee the reconstruction.redevelopment plan will need to approve the gas inspection, sanitary-epidemiological service, fire service.In addition, if you intend to transfer electric or thermal equipment, affect the sewage and water system, also need permission from the Energy and Vodokanal.The housing inspection order and get a certificate of compliance of the draft regulations on the operation of the housing stock.Get the consent of the neighbors and of the organization, there is a house on whose balance sheet.Many instances, therefore, it is better to not wasting your time, apply to the relevant organization, which is notarized power of attorney will do everything herself, and you save time, you get a ready-made solution.But to gain official permissive documents required.Unauthorized re-planning is fraught with many troubles, until the eviction in court.And in any case, necessary permitting documents you will be obliged to do while imposing penalties.Therefore, the legal side of the issue should be taken very seriously.

This situation must be as kitchen remodeling often entails the demolition of load-bearing structures, when combined room and kitchen, the transfer of communications, in older homes are often walled and garbage disposal duct.

Expansion kitchen by a balcony or loggia

Expansion of food due to the balcony photo One of the most common ways to expand the kitchen is the demolition of room divider that separates the kitchen and bathroom, or removal of the partition between the kitchen and a corridor or balcony that is less popular.When expanding the kitchen with a loggia, you need to remember that radiators can not be transferred to the loggia.And by combining the kitchen with room requires an effective extraction device, which is required to attach to the vent.For aesthetic and hood, and thus the plate should be placed directly below the ventilation outlet, which in turn creates constraints for the designer.

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Kitchen Remodelling the kitchen - living room or expansion due to a loggia or a balcony - possible in almost any of the typical houses, even in the Khrushchev, it is important to only well to remember that it is forbidden.

What is forbidden about remodeling kitchens

Firstly, any alterations must comply with health, building, fire, etc. Standards and requirements.Second, it is strictly forbidden to touch, let alone get involved in engineering systems - gas supply, water supply and ventilation systems.

clear that small kitchen is very inconvenient.But it has its advantages.If you are tired and have no strength to clean the dishes after dinner, you can simply close the door, putting up all morning.But when combined with the living room, all of these costs will be in front of your eyes, which, of course, will not add to the attractiveness of the interior.And so to combine the kitchen with living room means "open-plan" is only in the case where the family has a chance to constantly maintain order.Usually the kitchen has one window, through which the penetrating light is enough to illuminate.If your kitchen after the redevelopment will be more, and the window will remain one, you need to add more light - wall lights, spotlights, wall lamps.The brightly lit room looks visually larger than it actually is.

main feature that must be taken into account - a rational distribution of all necessary communications (gas, water, ventilation and electricity).

Remodelling the kitchen - a very important step, therefore, should be carried out by professionals.According to the ads, or through friends, you can find businesses that have proven their best in this kind of activity.And do not forget that you need to prepare the necessary documents, if you think about the expansion of the kitchen by a balcony, loggia or alterations to the room.See more beautiful photos and change the cooking space eating.

Redevelopment photo kitchen.Combining rooms, kitchen - living room

Remodelling the kitchen in the apartment photos .Kitchen living

Remodelling the kitchen in the apartment photos .Kitchen living

Remodelling the kitchen in the apartment photos .Kitchen living

Remodelling the kitchen in the apartment photos .Kitchen living

Remodelling the kitchen in the apartment photos .Kitchen living

Look for ready-made interiors and come up with a single.Successful redevelopment and expansion!