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August 12, 2017 18:08

Enameling bath with his hands

Enameling bath with his hands Today, most apartment owners have resorted to the restoration of the Soviet Union cast iron bathtubs production, rather than discarding them in a landfill, because of the excellent quality of the Soviet enamelling plant, which for the new coating provides a good basis, as well as the reliability of the cast iron body.

Today, there are several ways the restoration of the bath: acrylic insert "Bath in a bathtub", enamelling baths and covering the old coating layer of liquid acrylic (technology "vanna filler").In this article, we describe how to paint a bath with his hands.

This is the most inexpensive way of restoration, which does not require disabling it from the sewer and demontazha.Vozmozhno you just need to remove the chipped Vaneau as to create one you can read here.

At home, painting has a number of significant differences from the industrial process of this kind of restoration.Thus, in the factory heated cast iron bath, whereupon the inner surface, the powder is applied evenly.Under the action

of high temperature and spreads the powder is converted into the enamel.

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If we talk about enamelling baths in the home, in this case, the enamel is applied to a flat brush made of natural hair (rarely used sprayer).

Self-enamelling baths

This process involves two stages. Preparation bath.This is a very important step, as the enamel should be applied only on well degreased, smooth surface.For this purpose, the old surface is applied scouring powder such as "Pemolyuks", which should not contain chlorine, longer surface directly on the powder cleaned with an abrasive stone.

can clean up, also using a grinding wheel or sandpaper.After that, the abrasive grit is washed off with water, there is a cleaning rust and irregularities, as well as thoroughly degreased surface.

After this, for 5-10 minutes to fill the container with hot water, then drain and wipe dry the surface.

Next comes the step of applying a new layer of enamel .Apply the enamel should be very careful and not to allow bubbles and streaks, otherwise the new enamel after it dries, flaked off.

Most private craftsmen and firms that specialize in enamelling baths, enamel is applied in two layers.On average it takes no more than 3-4 hours.

In order to achieve the most optimal results, we recommend the bath enamel in four layers.

Especially for apartment renovation site alone.