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August 12, 2017 18:08

Restoration of the old baths do it or not ?

Restoration of the old baths do it or not ?photos of the old baths have any thing or an interior object has its own lifespan, shower room in this case is not an exception.Therefore, sooner or later, before the owner raises the question of how the method of restoration of the bath is best to use if for some reason put the new opportunity is not.We have already discussed how to make bath restoration - acrylic liner, very effectively with a lifetime of at least 5 years, read this way.

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So, you first need to realistically assess the condition remains a bathtub.If the body is deformed, in the place of discharge, there are chips and cracks, or the size of new pipes do not correspond to the size of the drain, it still need to be replaced.

Typically, this entails additional costs for delivery and purchase the new, also need to dismantle and make obsolete bath, as well as replace the damaged tiles and pipes - ieIt will require almost a full repair of the room.

But if body condition is quite satisfactory, but it has lost its luster, the color of the enamel and

it appeared small chips and cracks, such a suite could easily be restored independently.

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Restoration work bathroom should be carried out if the dismantling and removal of old capacity is not possible, and if you decide to sell the apartment, because the state of plumbing and, in particular,shower room on the value of the sold property can have a direct impact.

also restore it makes sense and if the flat is rented, and you do not plan to invest in its repair a lot of money, or, on the contrary, the apartment is rented, and repairs after temporary residents in any case have to do.

If you plan to do in this room renovation, while not resorting to the old bath is replaced by a new one, all work on the bath restoration is recommended only take place after all the rest of the work will be finished in a room that does not drip and does notstrewed from the ceiling and walls.

If a replacement of the old drainage system, then this is just the best thing to do before the restoration, in order to prevent damage to the new cover wrench, grinder or a hammer, as many of the old siphons unscrew does not quite simple and it requires the use of heavy tools.

This case is very troublesome and execute it alone is very difficult, and no special skills or even impossible, so it is best for it to seek help from professionals.