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August 12, 2017 18:08

Restoration of acrylic bathtubs - insert " Bath in a bathtub "


  • 1 Restoration of acrylic bathtubs - insert
  • 2 method "Bath in a bathtub" - a photo before and after

Bath in a bath .Restoration of acrylic baths .Acrylic insert photo In this article, we will focus on one of the ways of the old baths restoration.Acrylic liner or as it is often called the « bath in the bath », is an insert that covers the entire surface of the old container.The site of the apartment with his hands Repair recommends not to hurry and to examine carefully the recommendations for installation.

Restoration of acrylic bathtubs - insert

own hands is not recommended to perform the installation, now explain why.Production of acrylic liners made-to-order, of any shape and color.Sometimes they are further amplified using fiberglass.Ready acrylic liner is inserted into the old tank.Drain holes the old and new baths with dock.Thereafter, the liner bonded to the old capacity with a special adhesive that is applied to both surfaces of the thin layer.

Should bathroom walls lined with ceramic tiles, then insert crop under tile joints are se

aled with silicone.

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course, work on the installation of the insert must comply with extremely professionals specially trained as if the liner insert is not sealed is made, between the two surfaces will seep water thatIt could eventually lead to the formation of plaque or fungal bloating acrylic paste.

for restoration usually takes about three hours, after which the container is filled with cold water.One day all will be completely ready for operation.

Life this insert with the correct operation of not less than five years.

system is endowed with a beautiful appearance and a smooth surface, and perfectly keeps the water temperature, ie,after the "equipment" acrylic, water cools down much more slowly than steel or cast iron.

Also worth noting is that acrylic is resistant to rust.However, for all its virtues can be easily scratched or damaged, so care it is necessary to use a soft sponge and soap or appropriate means of washing.It is not recommended to use when cleaning abrasive detergents.And of course, it is very important to protect the acrylic surface of the bath by the fall of heavy objects.If the acrylic bath appear minor defects that can be further polished.

method "Bath in a bathtub" - a photo before and after

Restoration of bathtubs with acrylic before and after photos

As you can see, in the end it turns out like new.Very good help to save money and will last a very long time.