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August 12, 2017 18:08

Warming of the balcony with his hands and glazing


  • 1 Warming of the balcony concrete blocks
  • 2 Glazing loggia (balcony)

Warming of the balcony with his hands and glazing photo If your apartment has a balcony, it's a huge plus.Shacks outstanding out concrete pad lattice fences - an accurate description of most of the balconies.To remedy this situation, you will need to glaze the balcony, and warm, and perhaps do with their hands.After all the work you will have a kind of "pantry" where you can put the vacuum cleaner, which is everybody's way in the room, or other household items ... Simply put, consider converting a loggia in a small and useful section of the apartment ... By the way, we saw a way to expand the kitchen forthrough the balcony, a very interesting option.

Warming of the balcony concrete blocks

Do not immediately rush to buy windows.At first, decide what they will be placed.Naturally, on the parapet.You must remove all grilles and other metal fences and prepare a site for masonry parapet.Brick - perhaps the worst and bad material for the construction of the balcony.It

is too heavy (especially red), and to lay down "sideways" at the height of more than a meter can not.Otherwise, you will lose precious square decimeter balcony area.Ideal fit foam blocks wide and ten centimeters.The main advantage of concrete Foam concrete - blistering, ie lightness and increased strength.External Properties foam blocks lower than brick, so the outside of the parapet can upholster panels, sheet metal, but anything ...

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Glazing loggia (balcony)

finished betonno-masonry work, you sweep, as your loggia gradually transformed into a mini-room.However, we must also make interior trim and, most importantly, the installation window.Choosing a window construction, many are looking at the cheapness of aluminum and wood options.This is wrong, because it is important for the balcony heat, which will provide full PVC windows.

After installing windows and embedding all the joints can be enjoyed from the inside insulation.Decide on the climatic conditions of its latitude.If the winter cold, the heating is carried out under the upholstery.It is electronic and steam (connected to the heating system).It is possible to produce mineral wool insulation or some other fiber.It is clear that over the insulation padding rests.If your plans originally was not to upholster panels, then know that the plaster - not the best thermal insulator.Carrying out the radiator to the balcony will result in a strong condensation and can lead to increased vlagoobrazovaniyu throughout the apartment.Alternatively, you can install radiant floor heating.

most correct decision for self-warming and improve the balcony, you can pick up after a careful analysis of all proposed materials.The following articles will deal with this issue in more detail.

Renovated apartment with his hands.