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Water Pipes

August 12, 2017 18:08

Wiring diagrams of water in the apartment and a private home


  • 1 Traynikovaya distributing water
  • 2 collector distributing water
  • 3 Replacing wiring water
  • 4 layout water supply in the private house

carrying out repairs in the apartment, weWe are changing not only the furniture, flooring, wallpaper, ceiling, wiring and outdated water supply system.The circuit wiring running water in the apartment - a system of technical products and water pipes connecting the various plumbing devices in different places apartments.

There are two major water supply schemes in the apartment:

  • tee (serial);
  • collector.
Wiring Diagrams : tee or collector

wiring diagrams: tee and collector

Traynikovaya distributing water

    tee wiring running water in the apartment is done in the form of serial connection points of the pipes of consumers (bath, toilet, faucets, washing machine etc.) with a common riser.First connect the main pipes for hot and cold water, and then from these pipes by means further branch tees are performed for the needs of consumers apartment.Advantages of such a sc
    heme - a small price, the most compact version, the installation is simple and convenient.
Tee wiring running water in the apartment

tee wiring running water in the apartment

Disadvantages tee circuit wiring water pipes need to include the following: the pressure drop included several points of consumption;in case of leakage of one of the points of consumption, have to disable the entire system;placing tees in a relatively small area is difficult.

If repair work can not block the water, if before the fixtures on the points of consumption set faucet, shut off the flow of water to a particular consumer.

Such wiring aqueduct best option for small apartments, and for an apartment more suitable collector circuit.

collector distributing water

collector wiring supply is performed by summing circuit pipes to each individual point.Each object, be it a shower, toilet, washing machine or crane - receives a predetermined amount of water, even if these points are included at the same time.

The reservoir water supply wiring

collector wiring

water collector, located on the water main entrance to the apartment, with the findings made, the number of which is equal to or slightly greater than the number of served points of consumption.A larger number of pins is clear, it is necessary, for example, when buying another washing machine or you need to install an additional valve in the kitchen - then these findings will be useful.

list the advantages of the collector supply wiring:
1. Convenient location of cranes, they are usually installed in a separate location, allotted under the sanitary equipment.
2. Disconnect, for example, the soul will not affect the other bathrooms.
3. Provided always stable pressure in the scheme, you will not be in hot water in the kitchen when you fill a water bath.
4. Repair is convenient and easy to perform, because from the point of consumption to just one collector pipe.
5. Even if you open all the taps with hot water once the water temperature has dropped at least one degree.

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not without its flaws and this circuit layout running water in the apartment.For its installation need a lot of material, so many tubes requires adequate financial costs.The time to do this numerous quality wiring, it takes quite a lot.

Replacing wiring water

To replace the water supply wiring in an apartment, you must first dismantle the old plumbing.First disable risers running water, then cut away the old Bulgarian pipe from the valves and unscrew them, trying not to make distortions.

How to replace the pipes in the bathroom you can see in the video.

almost always water pipe segment to vent clogged with a mixture of sand and ash.Be sure to clean the pipe before you start the installation, usually by using a string or a screwdriver.Change the valve and filters.When installing the pipes do polipropilenoyh outer chamfer on the cut, and we clean the pipe inserted into one side of the fitting, and the other in the nozzle.Then, using a soldering iron to melt plastic pipe into the fitting end of the set and wait a few seconds.All operation is completed - go to the next connection.

layout water supply in the private house

At the moment it is impossible to imagine a private house without modern water system and it does not matter it's expensive mansion or a very small dacha.The circuit layout is done the water supply of private houses on the same principle as the wiring running water in the apartment.It is the same two ways - serial and parallel.Serial method is most appropriate for connecting vodopodvoda system in a small house.This same method of connecting tee where the pressure in the system decreases with increasing number of consumers.This method of distributing water pipe in a private house still remains the most simple and low-cost.

Parallel method, it is not nothing but a collector, all the same are, where consumers are connected each individually to a common cart and there is no pressure drop and temperature.But this method of wiring running water in the house all the same remains costly and time-consuming on-time performance.

Yet there are differences, and the first distinctive feature is the source of water supply.In this case, a well or borehole.Next, one must have a pumping station or pump.For the accumulation of water and create a certain pressure accumulator is necessary, to avoid any contamination, the filter is used for cleaning.

Further, according to the scheme of water supply wiring in a private home, you need to put a tee after the accumulator, with on the tee should be shut-off valve with two outputs - one for home and one for the output water pipe to the garden.The filter is put, of course, on the way out to the house.

After the water filter is inserted in another tee, which will divide the hot and cold water.The next stage - a pipe for cold supply is connected to the collector for cold water, with the collector should have a shut-off valve on each outlet.Pipes for hot water must be connected to a heating boiler or gas boiler, and then to the collector to supply hot water plumbing.

Perhaps there is no need to remind that the best of this system - is to perform wiring Water polypropylene pipes.This is the easiest and most inexpensive form of such compounds.

For normal operation, wiring pipes sewerage and water supply is necessary to fulfill the following requirements: a mandatory basis, after each washing machine and dishwasher, urinals, bathtubs, sinks and sink siphons installed hydraulic locks.The shower and toilet this water trap is located in the body.

Obviously, nothing complicated to install water systems for private houses or apartments there, but it's better to let professionals deal with this matter.