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August 12, 2017 18:08

Preventive maintenance water heater

Regardless of how the water gets to our house for domestic needs, whether it is an urban network or an individual water source (well, well), it has a certain stiffness.Namely it chemicals dissolved alkaline earth metals.These salts can be collected in a sustainable manner.The catalyst for the crystallization process performs high temperature.The result is a scale in the water heater, plaque in electric and other appliances that use hot water using a thermoelectric heating elements (heaters).

signs suggesting that the cleaning of boiler scale have not performed are: cleaning water heater

  1. Increased heating period, the volume of water;
  2. Emergence during background noise;
  3. significantly increases the monthly consumption of electricity;
  4. liquid temperature does not reach the set on the thermostat indicator;
  5. safety valve is triggered often, indicating that unauthorized overheating.

Periodic maintenance of water heaters can perform on their own, this requires clearly know the algorithm works.First, you need to disassemble t

he unit after removing it from the power and water systems.Please note, the outlet can not provide the maximum fluid outlet when cleaning the water heater, this is due to the fact that the hot water in the hot-water tank fence is made from above.Therefore, emptying is carried out through a cold water supply.The mandatory safety valve screwed, because it simultaneously performs the function of a check valve.This is achieved by immersion in a liquid heating elements and prevent their premature failure.Ariston tank cleaning

Efficient washing of boilers is possible only with the full withdrawal of the flange on which the heating elements are fixed.Different manufacturers may use a different number of fastening bolts, but they use a lining.It can be a rubber or silicone.When removed flange carefully monitored so as not to cause mechanical damage to the part.Otherwise, when the assembly is not possible to achieve the tightness of the tank.

Next, cleaning water heater proceeds in a horizontal position.Under the pressure of the water washed the wall, using the cloth.Do not use metal mesh for washing dishes, because the inner surface of the tank, enamel and such cleaning water heater will soon lead to the destruction of the sheet metal material of the tank.

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Particular attention is drawn to the lower part of the tank.Scale typically settles to the bottom.

Visually introduces how the cleaning of the boiler Ariston videos with really embodied sequence.

Clean the boiler with his own hands, starting to wash the dismantled parts on the flange.easy enough to be driven in the order of a copper sleeve into which the item to remove the temperature readings necessary for the correct operation of the thermostat.Heating elements clean themselves much more difficult when it is impossible to prevent the occurrence of cracks on them.If, after washing the heating elements are identified mechanical damages on their surfaces.Replace the heating elements on the new ones, which are purchased at service centers or specialized internet sites.boiler heating element

To mitigate the negative impact of stray electrical charges (eddy currents) provides magnesium anode in the boiler.He is destroyed in the process of long-term operation, taking up the ranks.Carrying out boiler maintenance must be provided independently of its replacement.The anode is attached by thread M4, M6.Screwed clockwise, respectively disassembly is carried out in the opposite direction.

Once done cleaning the boiler with his hands moving to the assembly of a water heating unit in the reverse order.In the hands of the flange portion is going, and then it is attached via a spacer to the tank.It is important to tighten the nut enough force to prevent leakage.No less crucial moment is to fill the device.To do this, open the tap anywhere in the hot water consumption, and wait until the jet is displayed.

Again, visually check the tightness of all connections and making investment material in the absence of drops on the bottom of the boiler, connect it to the mains.Thus, the maintenance work to clean up the water heater on a video which presents, can not only extend the life of your unit, but also to increase its productivity.With the same power consumption served boiler will heat up more water and its temperature control is more accurately meet the given parameter.