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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to choose a toilet : tips and tricks


  • 1 Material
  • 2 seat (toilet seat)
  • 3 installation method
  • 4 bowl form
  • 5 Rinse and drain

None Apartmentnot do without this elementary object.And the toilet, no matter how simple it may seem to be difficult to find without the proper knowledge.From how to choose the toilet, will depend on the interior bathrooms, a comfortable stay in it (every day, several times), and throughout the apartment (wrong choice would entail damage and odors).

complexity of choice is a wide variety of today's market, in which it is easy to get confused.Each type of plumbing object differs in its advantages and disadvantages, and therefore in a particular case, the most profitable one thing.They differ from each other on several main criteria on which it and will want to choose.


In deciding what is best to buy toilets, first of all need to know what materials they are made, and what properties they have.Materials are:

  • iOffer:
    • Sanfayansovye;
    • Sanfarfornye;
  • Metal.
Ceramic toilet

It looks like a ceramic bowl

Metal bowl

It looks like a metal toilet

Plumbing devices of Sanitary porcelain sanitary ware and outwardly indistinguishable.Both are covered by the sanitary glaze.However, porcelain is more durable and resistant to physical influences.Choosing a toilet is better of the two materials, should stay on the porcelain.And the life of their longer - 50 years, while earthenware only 30. In addition, it is easier to care for porcelain than faience.

Metal most durable, so they are particularly common in public restrooms.As sanfarfor metal requires special harvesting conditions.Among the shortcomings of the material - low thermal conductivity, so that on it was not cold, it should be equipped with thick seat is not made of metal.

The conditions of an apartment or house toilets made of porcelain occupy a better position in the ranking.Therefore, choose the best of them.

seat (toilet seat)

When thinking about what is best to buy the toilet, you should think about its seat (toilet seat).Seats are made of two kinds of materials:

  • Plastic;
  • tree.
Plastic toilet seat

toilet seat plastic toilet

Wooden toilet seat

toilet seat toilet wood

If the choice falls on the toilet with a plastic seat, you get to save money, as this material is cheaper.Wood will also be more expensive (and less frequent), and they are more comfortable, longer retain heat and do not cause allergic reactions in people who are prone to them.

Feedback from users, a good toilet is the one that is equipped with a toilet seat lifter in.It is a device that slows down the seat when it is lowered, reducing noise and impact damage.Microlift comfortable using children, the elderly or the disabled.

installation method

important part of the selection of the toilet in the parameters is the method of installation.According to this property, they are divided into several groups:

  • Floor:
    • Extension;
    • Detached:
      • Monoblocks;
      • CD;
  • Suspended.
Side toilet

Floor Side view of a toilet bowl

Freestanding toilet

Floor detached view of the toilet

Hanging toilet

Suspended toilet view

Floor ladders - these designs, which is mounted in the flank wall.Obviously, the need to select such an option only if it is to stand against the wall.According to reviews, the repair of the plumbing goes hard.But this kind of installation is well suited for small bathrooms or minimalist interior style.

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Detached one-piece - a design in which the cup and barrel combined.A CD - is the most common design - a cup and barrel separated.

Extension toilets are different minimum space, and what is their dignity.And this has not detached.However, their installation and repair occur much easier.

Choosing a suspended toilet bowl installation, you can get a modern and compact form, which is advantageous in small rooms.And that, perhaps, all his dignity.Among the shortcomings should be noted a weak structural strength, as well as the complexity of the installation repair.

Also described, there are more angular design, choose to be for those who wish to use the entire space of a bathroom to the maximum.In these kinds of barrel is installed in a corner, as it were, on the diagonal.These toilets are only floor.

Corner toilet

Corner view of the toilet

By the method of installation should be selected from the personal preferences and opportunities bathrooms room.

bowl form

From forms of bowl depends on how much water is consumed at each flushing and whether spray.There are three types of forms:

  • Belleville;
  • funnel;
  • visor.
The funnel-shaped bowl

funnel toilet bowl

Visor bowl

visor toilet bowl

Belleville form is a platform, which is always filled with water.It provides a minimum spray, but spends most of water.This traditional form of bowls.

funnel, - a leader in spray, but is particularly economical.Do not choose a toilet.

visor shape represents the area at an angle of 35-45 degrees - and different economy, and the best in terms of protection from splashes when flushing.In addition, these plumbing fixtures can be equipped with a special funnel, which further protects against splashes.

If you want to choose a toilet without splashing, then the best option will be the one with the visor bowl.And the more he tilt angle, the less likely splashes.

Rinse and drain

drain water does not affect usability, but depending on the opening of the neck location in the toilet room, of which there are three options, between which will have to choose:

  • Verticaldrain is suitable when the neck opening is below the floor;
  • Diagon drain for standard installation of plumbing;
  • Direct drain in suitable conditions, if the introduction neck is high off the floor.
Draining toilet

Types toilet drain.

Flushing water comes in two variants: dushevidny and cascading.Dushevidny flush produces streams of water on the perimeter of the bowl, creating a funnel-shaped whirlpool, which effectively flushes all.Threaded washes the inside of the cup all over its surface.More practical to choose a toilet with flushing dushevindnym as it washes better.However, this option would cost a bit more expensive.

Flushing toilet

Types flush toilet

should also be noted that in recent years have become popular design toilets, which provide for the hygienic function shower or bidet.