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August 12, 2017 18:08

Eliminate the blockage in the toilet , cleaning the video options toilet


  • 1 Causes of obstruction sewage
    • 1.1 Analysis degree obstruction
  • 2 Possible solutions delicate problem
    • 2.1 Full stopper drain
    • 2.2 Good old plunger
    • 2.3 Chemicals

When out of the toilet water go bad, or is not emptied completely, it becomes obvious - formed blockage.How to clean the blockage in the toilet when the hand is not chemicals?What are the means at hand, you can use and how to establish the cause of the blockage - the answers to these questions are found in this article.

If clogged toilet sensations arise not the most pleasant, not to mention the fact that the use of these sanitary convenience becomes impossible

Causes of obstruction sewage

Plumbing amenities may eventually become clogged for several reasons:

  • too hard water (salt deposited);
  • Construction waste; (sand)
  • accumulating sediment, urea, etc;
  • Contact large objects;
  • Attempts to drain a lot of toilet paper;
  • Personal hygiene items;
  • Throwing food residues (particularly preservation).

All of these causes can provoke the blockage in the toilet, here are ways to siphon purification by various means.They can be avoided, but if it could not be required to take measures to eliminate accidents.

analysis clogging degree

Before penetrate the blockage in the toilet should be to determine the extent and location in which clogged pipe.First you need to open water in the bathroom and the kitchen, and ensure that water is drained properly.If the liquid is "worth it" everywhere, the problem arose in the riser matter is left to professionals.

QUESTION: rises to the top, or simply from the toilet water go bad.

Important!In this situation it is not necessary to use a cistern for testing waste water.If you pull the handle - torrent will not stop, and if the clogged toilet - what do you forget, mud flows will pour out on the floor, making the smell does not violet.

Ideal - type bucket or pan of water and slowly pour it into the toilet, watching how the water goes.

Possible solutions delicate problem

There is a fundamentally different approach to purging the toilet, each of them is used in a particular case:

mechanical method;

  • Good old plunger;
  • Sewer cable;
  • Chemicals;
  • People's method.

call a plumber can be difficult to wait for a long time, and the lack of facilities in the form of a toilet more than a day in the modern world - it's almost a disaster.

So to answer the question of how to eliminate the blockage in the toilet should be as soon as possible.

mechanical method

If the owners are aware of the cause of the blockage, then got predmer have to remove by hand.Rag toy, apple - it could be anything.

First you need to decide how to remove the water from the toilet:

  • dredged;
  • get wet through cloth.

Important!It is necessary to use gloves and a gauze bandage to the stench completely not spoil the mood.


  • Wear gloves (preferably higher);
  • Inspect the place of manufacture in the siphon for the presence there causes blockage;
  • Inspect the pipe;
  • Extract caught object.
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If a vegetable or piece of fruit - it can hook wire.It is not necessary to push things further - it can cause total blockage and lead to a full stop of the riser.

Full stopper drain

should now learn how to unclog a toilet bowl if drain is blocked completely.It takes sewage rope.This device is flexible enough to pass through the tubes, made of metal and has a convenient handle.


  • Insert the wire into the hole;Promote
  • while rotating;
  • Once the cable stretch - to make a few moves back and stared;
  • Carefully remove the device and wash.

Important!When removing the cable is unnecessary rag to wipe it immediately.Fabric should soak dish detergent.Otherwise, there is a risk of getting dirty, and unpleasant smell for a long time after the procedure can vestsya hands.

Good old plunger

Using plunger somehow familiar to all.However, when removing the blockage in the toilet plunger is required to be wide enough to completely cover the drain opening.

use it is only in that situation, when the water goes bad.At full stopper plumbers using this device is ineffective and sometimes dangerous for the integrity of the plumbing.


  • If possible, ask for close hand household drains in the bathroom and in the kitchen;
  • jerks to pump the water and the air in the tube;
  • Check whether the water (not tank) drained.

Important!If the water flow is difficult everywhere - to repeat the procedure on all plumbing fixtures in the house.Close the seat can cover the hole in the toilet, which will sit someone from relatives.


Pour blockage chemistry - one of the most simple and effective solution to the question how to remove the blockage in the toilet.On sale there are different means from clogging the toilet, but the most cost-effective and efficient, perhaps, "Mole".He is able to eat away at the most impassable dirt and is an excellent prevention of deposits.Using it is required to wear gloves in order not to get a chemical burn.By the time the action is one mole may be different from each other, since each manufacturer makes its special chemical composition.The main disadvantage of the Mole is the smell of it.

can clean the drains and to use the old-fashioned soda and vinegar.To do this:

  • Scoop all the water;
  • Pour a glass of soda in the drain hole;
  • Pour soda glass of vinegar;
  • After 1-2 minutes, add a liter of boiling water;
  • leave in such a state the toilet for half an hour, then drain the water.
  • Maybe even clean the toilet Coca-Cola (fairly effective way)

If the problem is not fixed by yourself, you have to call the organization, serving the house, to address issues related to plumbing.Disassemble the toilet, pipes and siphons are not worth it.