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August 12, 2017 18:08

Ways to close the pipe in the apartment


  • 1 Change radiators or not?
  • 2 methods of concealment of pipes of different kinds
  • 3 Hiding pipe in a private house
  • 4 Application of plasterboard to hide pipes

Today, there are lots of ways to hide the heating pipes in the apartment and a private home.While each has its own advantages.But before you hide the heating pipes in the apartment, you should carefully examine the radiators.The old cast-iron battery for long-term operation period covered by the touch inside and oxide, which leads them into disrepair and a significant reduction in the efficiency, and therefore the efficiency of the boiler.If the apartment building is unobtrusive, in particular the problem of sufficient and well palpable hit on the wallet.

Change radiators or not?

Protective and decorative fence for radiators

protective and decorative fence for radiators

best option in the implementation of repairs in the apartment will be a complete replacement of radiators with new ones.But here there are some nuances:

For example, in Western countries

, installed in each apartment own boiler and a host of its own sets itself the necessary temperature mode.Consequently, the type of radiator can be installed, a wish for himself.It may be copper, aluminum or steel bimetal, thereby increasing its heating efficiency.What are the radiators to choose.

in both print houses such a possibility but in an apartment you need to negotiate the replacement of radiators.But do not despair, because you can hide the battery in an iron box and get enough stylish and elegant look.

So, radiators replaced, you can begin to address the question of how to hide the heating pipes in the apartment, photos of examples of work presented in this article.But first let us remember that the heating main - is also part of the heating and it can be used wisely.It should also be noted that in an apartment building with central heating pipes to carry samostoutelno, in general, can not be anywhere but in agreement with the utilities they can be tweaked.But before you start to work, we should mention that it will cost considerably more expensive boxes.

When alteration pipes and radiators replaced, the responsibility falls on the owner.

Therefore, in the apartment the best option would be masking pipes or additional decorative frame construction, for example, the production of boxes of plasterboard.

Fortunately, in the apartment heating pipes is not so much that catch the eye.The riser panel houses generally not visible, but act only bend pipe wall above and below.The cast-in-frame and some panel heating risers can be placed directly in a residential area near the wall.Then the question of hiding pipes is relevant and even more than that.

methods of concealment of pipes of different kinds

Decorating tubes paints

Decorating tubes paints

The most common question is how to hide the heating pipe in the kitchen, because it is in this room, they are most visible.This heating pipe with radiator and gas.Fortunately, the plumbing hidden behind cabinets.One of the most common ways to solve the problem with the gas meter and the supply pipe is optional hinged locker.In addition to the visual concealment of the counter, cabinet can be used as usual to store utensils.

method of concealing heating pipes depends on whether there is a need to hide radiators or not.But here it is worth remembering about the quality of heating and think that would not be cold in winter due to block the free conversion of warm air.If you are satisfied with the level of heating and temperature control more than optimal, you can make a box for pipes in the room of plasterboard.Radiator thus can be covered with perforated MDF panels, plastic or metal bars.Also, some people prefer to use the engraved glass.

Masking pipes under vegetation

Masking pipes under vegetation

If it is not necessary to close the radiators or in terms of heating efficiency is not profitable, then as the lattice is better to use a metal case, and the pipe to disguise decorative pattern.

for better heat radiator enclose foil insulation, it raises the temperature by 2 degrees.

but beautiful disguise can not only with the help of the drawing.Incredibly attractive way of masking the pipes can become part of its transformation into a composition.For example, as shown in the photo below.

Hiding pipe in a private house

Do Stroebe in the kitchen

Make Strba kitchen

in a private home, no doubt, many more options in terms of concealment of pipes, but they often depend on the structure of the design features.If the base concrete floor, then the best option to make the tube of the floor heating system.It does not even need to pipelines insulator.It is important to carry out proper insulation and screed base.Be sure to lay a layer of expanded polystyrene, around the room damper tape should be laid.

But if there is no need to make a heated floor, and in the foreground, the maximum efficiency of the heating system, it is better to make the floor Stroebe and put them in a pipe, wearing pre-insulation.As it is now used polyethylene foam or fiberglass composite polurukova.

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But before laying the pipes in the walls and the floor is necessary to draw up a project plan.It helps to calculate the amount of materials in advance to work out the most rational means of a heating pad.

Do Stroebe pipe in the bathroom

Make Stroebe pipe in the bathroom

Grooves to do with the stock size tube of 1 cm. This is necessary for putting heat insulator and filling the space bonding solution.Further, the seam is sealed all the known methods: preliminary alignment and surface finish.The ducts are attached using clips or special clamps, dowels are mounted to the base.

When laying pipes in Stroebe will often require a variety of detours and challenges, so in advance should carefully consider the wiring of heating with all the nuances.This clamps, fasteners, lines and more.After all, not everyone will be pleased several times to return to the store to buy the missing part.

way to hide the radiators are so many and they depend on the budget and on the stylistic design trends.For example, will look elegant glass fences coated with a engraved image.But it is also necessary to take into account the fact that the apartment can accommodate small children, so you should choose the best and more secure ways.Therefore, one of the safest that can be used not only to hide the heating pipes, but also all other plumbing in the bathroom, is a box for tubes from gipsoukartona.

application of drywall to hide pipes

Plasterboard is an excellent option for the construction of any complexity and decorative other constructs.The metal frame can withstand heavy loads, making the structure strong and durable, and the design possibilities, in general, are endless.

To make a box of drywall for pipes heating the first step is to create a project with all the ledges, niches and other elements.The very same structure is made is not so difficult, and involves the following steps:

Gypsum box for the gas pipe

Gypsum duct for gas pipes

On the site must be applied to the layout using the level, Provo, or any other means.

To make a solid box of drywall for pipes, you must first fix the guide profile to the floor and walls, then it is invested rack design elements.Here a simple principle, the more supports, more durable design.

Soediniyat profile together can be a self-tapping screws and Prosekatel.Here special strength is not required, because the design load will not be applied.

Prosekatel In the case of local connections are formed projections respectively, will not be irregularities on the surface of drywall.

In the manufacture of decorative boxes for pipes with the help of drywall can you arrange all the surrounding wall from floor to ceiling.It is possible to make a niche, shelves and arches for the installation of flowers or beautiful figurines.Yes, undoubtedly, drywall will take part of the space, but for exceptional design is always possible to make such sacrifices.After the final assembly structure to hide pipes and batteries tend to get quite a wide window sill, which may well serve as a bar table or even at the dinner was insufficient space in the kitchen.

Falshstena plasterboard

Falshstena plasterboard

Drywall - an ideal solution to create a unique and exclusive design, which you will enjoy a lifetime.But the design of it - this is only the foundation on which you can perform a decorative painting, put a tile, pokleit wallpaper or painting implement gravure.Niche radiator with the battery in this case can be closed by any safety guards.Because all the materials used may be absolutely any color.

And in addition to the article about the video production of boxes of plasterboard will be a great tool, where you can see all the details and minutiae of the process:

https: //

Plasterboard for creating a decorative box, you can use an ordinary, but it is better to use GVLor GLV.But do not forget that access to the radiator must always be free, or at least well-camouflaged.After all, almost every season it will be necessary to carry out air descending from the system, to get rid of it formed in the air pockets during the repair in other parts.Here are useful tips, what to do if the battery does not heat.