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August 12, 2017 18:08

Operating pressure in the heating system causes the fall and growth


  • 1 pressure in the system drops
  • 2 Determining leakage of coolant
  • 3 pressure drop associated with defects of boiler equipment
  • 4 pressure in the system exceeds the recommended threshold

Modern boilers and pragmatic pursuit of power system solutions to progressive heating issues in a private home ownership, the apartment more often lead to the use of closed heating systems with forced circulation of coolant.Closed loop fluid circulation can increase the operating pressure of the system and thereby improve its safety because we know that with increasing pressure in the liquid medium is raised its temperature boiling.In particular, for water characterized by the following relationship: 1 atm.- 100 degrees, and 2 atm.- 120 degrees.

status monitoring system liquid filling is carried out instrumentation.First of all, gas boilers equipped with a circulation pump and safety group, suggest the presence of a mechanical dial and electronic display, reflecting the indications of temperat

ure and pressure sensors located at the outlet connection of the boiler (feed).Additional pressure gauges installed on distribution manifolds are responsible for supplying coolant to the various parts (floors) building.Without the testimony of auxiliary gauges can not do systems including boilers, indirect or combined water heating, as well as complex systems using a high-temperature circuit - and the low-temperature radiator heating - underfloor heating.

pressure in the system drops

We name the reasons that answer the question, why the pressure drop in the heating system, and propose ways to address them.So, the reason for the negative effects are:

  • unauthorized coolant leak at the joints nozzle to a radiator or directly gust of pipelines, infringement of tightness of pipes in warm floors;
  • directly heating unit breakage caused by the formation of cracks in the shell of the heat exchanger;
  • breaking subversive valve membrane, entering the boiler equipment security group;
  • rupture of the membrane in the expansion tank, designed to compensate for the linear expansion of the coolant by increasing its temperature;
  • depressurization of the hot water circuit (DHW) in the bithermic heat-generating installation option, hence the pressure drops in two-circuit boiler during intensive analysis of hot water and increases sharply at its termination.
Table of pressure in the tank

tank pressure table

Definition coolant leaks

Leakage initially define a visual way, this usually feed system to the recommended level and stop the forced circulation of liquid.Particular attention is drawn to the shut-off and control valves installed on heating radiators, their direct connection to the main pipe.If you can not alone determine what is dictated by the pressure drop in the heating system, then use the services of specialists.With the pressurization air is achieved more intense release of coolant leakage into the ground.Sometimes you just want to remove the connection to repack or replace the defective fitting.A more complex device requires a determination to rush hidden in the wall of pipes or "snail" water floor heating.For this purpose, special scanners, determine accurately the concentration of excess moisture.Next trick: the dismantling of the wall decor surfaces or the floor, the damaged portion of the recess and replace it.Remedy potechek for heating.

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pressure drop associated with the faults of boiler equipment

If it is determined that the pressure falls in the gas boiler, then to the troubleshooting involved only employees of the service organization on the balance sheetwherein the heating unit is as elevated danger device.Qualified service center staff will offer several solutions to the problem: perform soldering or replace the entire heat exchanger.Everything will depend on the nature of the damage resulting from the regular flushing of heat "shirt" boiler descaling, factory latent defect or banal operational wear.After work specialists made appropriate records to conduct warranty and post-warranty repair.Having determined that the falling pressure in the boiler two-circuit due to damage to the rubber membrane expansion tank, it is necessary to carry out the replacement of damaged goods for a new tank, so as not to expose the entire heating system to additional risks that arise after the primary system to a specified level.Fluid lost opportunity for the linear expansion will lead to the fact that the pressure in the circuit will rapidly increase, causing frequent safety valve.Damage to the diaphragm (EPDM) in the safety valve triggers the protective function of the device even in cases where not reached the maximum pressure in the heating system, ordering an emergency discharge of excess fluid circuit.

The pressure in the heating system

pressure in the heating system

pressure in the system exceeds the recommended threshold

The fact that the increased pressure in the heating system, indicates the presence of one of the reasons listed in this list.So:

  • drop is observed at a certain contour area - stopped after circulation control devices;
  • made continuous replenishment system;
  • valves whole cuts or portions of the contours of the main pipelines;
  • obstacle, making it impossible to circulation of coolant in the system due to the accumulation of a critical mass of air;
  • mechanical blockage installed in the circuit of heating systems and devices for filtering liquids.

Troubleshooting due to the consistent research throughout the space heating circuit.As a result of missteps, tampering curious children may overlap valves, gate valves, ball valves.Also affected may disable adjusting devices from the mains (servo motors for collectors or three-position thermostatic valves connecting DHW in combination boiler).Resort to preventive flushing Veins mechanical filters.Particular attention is itself a washing filters, which are mandatory for the old heating system, which uses cast iron radiators and metal pipes of large cross-section.Produce molding the heating system and, if necessary, replace the unit for automatic venting, make repair the crane, is responsible for feeding the heating circuit of the boiler.

thus constantly maintaining the operating pressure in the heating system of 1.5-2 atm., Are able to effectively and safely use boilers, achieve optimal physical load on the equipment and heating pipes, thereby increasing the terms of their trouble-free operation.

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