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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to mount the heating system in the house

How to mount the heating system in the house in difficult climatic conditions without quality home heating can not do.In order to properly mount the heating system in a building, you will need an engineering mind and skilled hands.Mounting and its features will not be the last to be determined by the particular choice of the heating system.

to mount the heating in the house you will need a system:
- heating boiler;
- radiators;
- metal tubes;
- monitoring devices;
- angle grinder ( "Bulgarian");
- punch;
- set of wrenches;
- pliers.

1. Select a heating system that you intend to use in their home.The most common in the homes of a water heating system.Create a project, which provides the boiler, heating, communications, temperature control devices and control the entire system.Calculate the required capacity of the system, based on the area and volume of the house premises.

2. Make a list of necessary materials, equipment and tools.Purchase all according to the list.Some tools you can not purchase and rent.

3. Start the installation of the s

ystem with the installation of the boiler.From the boiler make wiring network, which will be supplied heat to the heating equipment.Prior to this, think carefully about how much you will have radiators, the places where they are located.As a rule, the heating devices are installed under the windows.

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4. Install the radiator, using a hammer and the necessary hardware (fasteners).Typically, hardware comes with heating devices.Equip the room with warm floors, if provided by the project.

5. Calculate separately the number of tubes, reducers, tees, etc.for heating devices.Make a detailed layout of all elements of the system with an indication of scale.Draw on the scheme, which will host communications.Note in this case the location of the electrical cables to accidentally damage them not.

6. Before the introduction of the heating system in place, release the pressure in the system by unscrewing the valve until the water (the air "plug" will come from the system).Starting the heating system by a qualified, otherwise the boiler will be removed from the warranty.

7. After connecting the heating check all pipe joints and places of their connection to the radiator, to ensure the reliability of connections and their tightness.If necessary, turn off the system and remove the mounting defects.

radiators heating distribution scheme