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August 12, 2017 18:08

Options for bathroom design in hruschevke


  • 1 Combining functions
  • 2 functionality Separation
  • 3 main thing - to save space
  • 4 tile on the floor
  • 5 The ceiling in the bathroom
  • 6 Lighting
  • 7 decor and layout

When it comes to planning for a small bathroom design of the apartment, photos of some of them can be viewed below, people immediately faced with many problems related to its functionality and practicality.After all, it is necessary to not only comfortably take a shower or bath, but could also accommodate a washing machine and sink, not to mention a bidet and additional attributes.And in the apartments with small families immediately and still is the toilet, which also reduces the effective area of ​​at least ¼.

Classic variant of bathroom design

Classic version of the design bathroom

room to accommodate the most rationally all the functional elements of the health unit in an area just 2 meters from the fines squares, you need to think about it.Study the different options and see a lot of ready-made solutions on the Internet.Internet wi

ll be a great help for the selection of the most appropriate way to design a small bathroom design Khrushchev in standard sizes, but what if you have irregular or arbitrary shape, generally, built his own private house.

Combining functions

The compact arrangement of all elements of the dressing room the room

compact arrangement of all elements restroom room

Modern interior of a small bathroom can actually how to incorporate all the functional components of the sanitary facilities separately, so some of them may be combined.For example, in a small bathroom is not always rational to establish a separate sink for added comfort.It is best to combine it with a bath, a separate mixer mounted in a convenient location on it.At the same time all communication is best to hide in the walls.

If, however, there is an acute need for the separation of functions, you can use a compact shell and place it over the bath.This latter must be narrowed to the edge for ease of use.Such a process will be relevant in a family of several people, often when there is a need to use the toilet and bathroom for two people at the same time.

A large mirror in a small bathroom

large mirror in the small bathroom

should highlight some of the factors in the planning of modern design small bathroom:

  • functionality - if you make the main slant on the usefulness of the square, then, unfortunately, you can not always take into account the comfort parameters andcomfort.
  • practicality - it is important to use a bathroom pleasure, but then have to sacrifice some of its functionality.Large bathrooms will absorb part of the space, where it would be possible to install a washing machine.
  • balance of the first two - in the bathroom, you can comfortably accommodate a shower, a sink and toilet.The washing machine then you have to build elsewhere.Good advice on how to install a washing machine in a small room.
The original design of the bathroom Q2 .m

original design bathroom Q2.m

In terms of placement of electrical washing machine in the kitchen or in the hallway is the best option because it is very likely a short circuit fault at high humidity.And that could lead to accidents.

Separating functionality

Small bathroom area is a weighty argument for those people who wish to gain from the process to wash the maximum pleasure.And they can not give up the big and bulky font.Then, a sink and a washing machine will likely have to sacrifice.And quite sink function can execute itself bathroom, but then it will often be necessary to wash it or use it should be less.

When creating the ideal is always something you have to sacrifice, and let it be auxiliary functions rather than basic.

combined bathroom

Combined bathroom

often design small bathroom in 2nd quarter.m depends on the number of members in the family and the presence therein of small children.It is no secret that bathe a small child more comfortable in the adapted and the most comfortable conditions.That's what most suits or at least queen-size bathtub.It has to be taken into account in the preparation of a unique design, but there is enough options for consideration.Today there are commercially available bath and pallets with dimensions of 0.7, 0.8, 1, 1.2 and 1.4 m, which provides the ability to create more comfortable conditions for the child, while still leaving enough space for installation of sinks and even the washing machine.

in families that do not have small children, of course, more relevant to use for cleaning showers and screen.Adult enough and in a standing position to take a shower, if you wish to comfortably take a bath do not outweigh the versatility and compactness.

options unique interior design small bathroom infinitely many.You can browse all day unique photo and video artists on the Internet to collect the best ideas from different designers.But the main thing when building your own unique and unique interior is harmony.All elements in the bathroom should be the maximum combined with each other or be complementary to each other.Smoothly flowing bath bends should merge with a protective screen, forming a single unit.

ideas in the design of bathrooms 2 m² lot.Someone thinks that all the angles and lines must be smooth, curving.Someone convinced that strict straight edge, compact composed with each other - this is the best solution for a way out.

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The objective is not to impose any styles and ideas, here you will find options for bathroom design with small dimensions.

main thing - to save space

in the room with small dimensions to the fore in the design planning acts, of course, saving valuable space.That is why the best option for the walls is tile. tile small bathroom should be thin and be sure to light tones. In such a small space, it is important to combine the bright and warm shades, they will help to further expand the space visually.Also in the design of a small bathroom becomes superfluous use of diagonal lines, distorting space and shape, which visually increase the volume.

The angular design of the bathroom

angular design bathroom

Below are photos of finishes a small bathroom tiles, which designs, as well as the views of the masters, very much.If you decide to do repairs, you have work to do and what to take as a basis.And our site will help to understand the repair.

tile on the floor

floor tile for a small bathroom, a photo of which a huge number of options can be found, as would be the ideal solution.This type of coverage will not only provide the best appearance of the restroom, but also create an excellent water-resistant flooring.The process of laying tile, no doubt, plays an important role.Installation of tile diagonal method will enable visually expand the space.

Classic bathroom accommodation for Q2 .m

classic accommodation bathroom on the 2nd quarter.m

Tile floor has its own advantages, which are reflected in the following:

  • practicality - it is easy to wash and does not require special skills;
  • provides high levels of integrity;
  • does not change its settings over many years of operation;
  • tile bath, a photo which presents a lot of the World Wide Web, in perfect harmony with any kind of finishing walls and ceilings.

necessary that the floor, ceiling and walls are combined with each other to a common line treated hues or at least are in harmony.For example, always well combined white and brown, yellow and light green, and other combinations of warm colors.It is possible to increase the visual space by using different tiling methods.

The ceiling in the bathroom

Mirrored ceiling in the bathroom

mirrored ceiling in the bathroom

main tasks for finishing a small bathroom, a photo of which are presented on this page, it is to preserve the visual extension of the space, so as a decoration of the ceiling should not beapply the suspension structures.It is best to impose its tile or stretch run of PVC.This type of finish will not only provide excellent waterproofing slabs, but also give the room an extraordinary beauty and uniqueness.Stretched canvas can be ordered with a stamp of a pattern, such as the celestial dome, or anything else of the sort.A tile can use a mirror.

same traditional ways ceiling finishes in bathrooms is a siding, but there is no limit to imagination.Mirror suitable for any type of design, but it is important to make the right emphasis on the quality of the material and its practicality.


important stage in the design of a small bathroom in a modern style is lighting.The brighter it is, the better.But not everyone agrees with this statement.It is necessary to rationally choose the light sources and at the same time it is best to let it be spot lighting.A couple of the brightest sources in the 60-watt will provide good illumination performance, and it does not create a feeling of being in the operating room.

Option decoration narrow bathroom

design options narrow bathroom

Shower toilet and sink in the 2nd quarter .m

shower toilet and sink in the 2nd quarter.m

decor and layout

One of the great waysto visually expand the space in a small room will be the use of mirrors, and not small and large.They can be installed above the tub in the size of the entire wall, and it will go well as the doors to the locker perfectly combining several functions.Some people prefer to make a mirror not only the walls, but the floor and the ceiling.Tiles for a small bathroom with a mirror coating completely provide a visual extension of the space.It is important to take into account the combination of colors in the interior.

Classical bathroom

Classical bathroom

For space-saving washbasin is best to use a small and elegant leg, rather than a large and massive pedestal.You can also set the hinged shell, and communications spend in the walls, it will allow it to place a compact washing machine or laundry basket.
The video presents another unique solution for the bathroom with small dimensions:
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Custom Bathroom

Custom bathroom