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August 12, 2017 18:08

Features a color selection in the interior walls of the apartment


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Comfort and beauty - it is very important, so you want to after its completion was comfortable in the room, warm, nice and stylish.Choosing color of the walls in the apartment it is important to take into consideration the amount of space, but different interior design tricks and you can modify prostranstvo.Esli it comes to painting the walls in a room, you should consider many factors, ranging from the route of administration premises and ending shaped decoration.Things to consider in the implementation of this procedure?

color Feature

Each color has its own unique style, as well as a different effect on the human subconscious.This kind of background, the outer shell, which dictates the rules and manages the psyche of others.

  1. Neutral colors are ideal for creating bright and lively interior.With a surplus of solar color helps overcome the cold palette a
    nd add a feeling of tenderness and prosperity - warm.
  2. White visually expands the space, but when it is in excess, it becomes boring and uncomfortable.This color of the walls is required to dilute the contrast, which he playfully better.For example, red and white.
  3. Red - activates the subconscious mind makes the heart pounding harder, does not allow a person to relax.Turn is a sign of passion and transformation.A negative effect on a person in the bedroom, where there is no possibility to change it regularly for other shades.
  4. Yellow - tones, gives strength, strengthens the nervous system and heals the body.This room opens ethereal chakras, which allows to relax and enjoy the surrounding world.
  5. But set yourself to lyrical mood will help green.For people who work - an indispensable source of energy and well-equipped in such shades work area or a sleeper.
  6. Blue - calms, improves concentration, allowing you to focus on an important issue, to be unshakable, serious and determined.Suitable for stringent and business personalities.
  7. Orange, restores internal forces warming, awakens, allows to be yourself, adjusts to positive emotions, protects against the negative background.
  8. Purple inspire and promote mental activity, sometimes it is an aggressive color of the walls, so it must be skillfully combined with a light and warm shades of white and beige coloring.
  9. Black - straining and narrows the room, puts pressure on the psyche, not relax.It is used in the interior in a minimum amount, often with white and pastel colors.

Before you determine what color to paint the walls in the apartment, it is necessary to get acquainted with the rules of the competent combination of colors and shades.a color scheme

tips and expert advice

combination of several options, similar colors, such as gray and beige or pastel - blue and mint.Second - on the different shades of one color saturation, bright red and raspberry, turquoise and navy blue.Third - contrasting, bold combination of green and red, black and orange.

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boundary between shades can make invisible or use a paper border, decorative rail, mosaic, and pebble.It is important to divide the space vertically and horizontally, in order to correct the color played in the selected background, and do not distort room.

About bottom of the same color on different surfaces looks different.On smooth - more light on the rough - a dark, matte - warm, and polished cold and stern.

If you choose the right paint for the walls , you can even modify the room, make it wider and lighter (pastels), optically reduce the (dark), to give intimacy and comfort (saturated).combinations of colors and shades


How to choose the color of the walls in this room?Bright and calm tones can guarantee comfort, good mood, are equally suited for noisy parties, as well as a relaxing stay.You can experiment with accessories, contrasting hang curtains or put unusual furniture, but the color of the walls in this nature will be advantageous to look for many years.

Large rooms can be easily painted in yellow and orange colors, but little - in purple, mauve, peach.There will be fun and harmony!


you need peace and quiet, so red, purple, black color has nothing to do here.Ideally suited beige, light blue, light pink, cream-colored shades, so it will be possible not only to maintain indoor comfort, but also increase the space visually.


can make and bright room, as well as choose the color of the walls with unusual and original features.It is important to focus on all the interior space and the background of all make the right conclusions.


Unforgettable, playful, sunny, beautiful and inspiring.It welcomed various combinations, the combination of unusual shades which will help the child feel comfortable and fun in the color palette of the apartment.

sleeping area is better to paint in restrained colors, such as blue, pink, green, yellow, with elements of the decor and comfortable bed.The importance of the article will tell how to arrange a children's bedroom properly.


bright colors make the room more spacious, this will suit the white, green and beige colors.But some are willing to make her a dynamic and progressive, coloring in red, dark brown and black color.

ceiling should be in harmony with the walls rather than to stand out of the picture, the only way to ensure the integrity and interior completion.Natural colors always look advantageous than the combined and unnatural.

options, how to choose the color of the walls in the apartment very much, it all depends on the individual preferences of the owner and its material possibilities.But the most important thing is to get a cozy, comfortable and beautiful room.

Experiment and turn their dreams into reality!Find out what colors are combined in the interior of the room.