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August 12, 2017 18:08

Decorative room partitions , variety of ideas


  • 1 What are the walls?
  • 2 partition types, depending on the design
  • 3 partition types depending on the material manufacturing
    • 3.1 Stationary plasterboard partitions
  • 4 Choice design partitions to separate rooms
    • 4.1Video walls ideas from different materials

When it comes to repairs, there is often a desire to do something new, to transform a room and make it lighter, more comfortable and more convenient.Bring in the design of some flavor, which would become the main element of contemplation.Thus a decorative element can be a partition in a room.However, it can perform a separation function and carry functional purpose.It is possible to make multiple levels, it can be without walls, thus creating visibility partition existence.

The partition of wood as a shelves

partition of wood as a shelves

What are the walls?

Today every endeavor to make your home something personal and unique to this no one had.Often, this leads to the most extraordinary decisions that allow to obtain the most original an

d sometimes unimaginable design.

Plasterboard partitions

plasterboard partitions

When considering all possible partition types of all of them should be divided into two main areas:

  1. solid and steady.Have a specific purpose of delimitation of the space with the properties of sound insulation.It can be installed doors made arched walkways and more.Also, such baffles may be formed as a wall, cabinet or rack with shelves, but it will perform a specific function space differentiation.
  2. Decorative.Represents an element of interior decoration.Partitions in a room intended only for visual zoning premises, can have a variety of design solutions.This often does this affect its functionality and practicality.

When creating a decorative partitions in the apartment is used all the mental capacity, because it can produce a wide variety of designs that will be difficult to perfectly fit into the interior, but also has to perform certain functions.

partition types, depending on the design

Light partition of the drywall - it's a great opportunity to share space in the same room on a certain area.Each of these at the same time must fully carry out their functions, may even have their own, are in no way associated with the adjacent interior areas.

fixed partition

stationary partitions

So, depending on the structural performance of the partition are:

  • stationary;
  • mobile;
  • transformable.

choosing a particular type of partition for a room, you must take into account its purpose, design and interior.

If necessary space is not easy to divide into zones, but to create a completely individual delimited atmosphere, it is possible to apply the partition transformers.One variety of such structures can be a harmonica.It is a complex, which may consist of several sections, connected by a hinge means.This partition can be easily folded and pushed back, creating a completely delimited space, providing their users privacy and silence.

Partition -transformer

partition transformer

But the main disadvantage of such partitions in the apartment will be its cost and complexity of manufacture.You can save money on materials if desired.Design and application of the material depends on the style of interior orientation of the room.But as a rule, such partitions are installed at the stage of creating interior solutions, so their design must be in harmony with the surrounding environment.

types of partitions, depending on the material manufacturing

material making decorative partitions can be anything:

  1. tree;
  2. drywall;
  3. plastic;
  4. glass;
  5. imitation straw.

    Dividing of straw

    partition of straw

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Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages that may be associated with the installation and practicality of use.Partitions of materials such as wood and gipsokraton can perform a wide variety of forms with a variety of shelves and niches.Such constructions have excellent indicators of usability and functionality.They can be produced without cross-cutting of the rear wall, which will create a visual sensation space delimitation area.

Partitions of glass

partitions glass

The cheapest room zoning process will be a partition in a room plasterboard.It can also be mobile, it can be done with the help of rollers and wheels, which will move around the special guides or smooth floors.This option partitions is good because it can be moved to the desired location, without changing the shape and without taking away from its shelves books, flowers and souvenirs.Indeed, it can be formed as a rack with a plurality of compartments variety.If you want to create the impression of massiveness and cumbersome, the structure can be made of metal sheets and plasterboard.But if the fore should act practicality, it should be made of wood, such as chipboard.

Stationary plasterboard partitions

Today it is very popular stationary partitions from drywall in the room.What are their advantages in contrast to the types of mobile?

The first and foremost advantage is reliability.The stationary structure has a good performance durability and resistance to various loads, which will ensure the safety and integrity of the content therein.It also has the same design, which allows not to disturb the overall picture processing facilities.

Solid plasterboard

Solid plasterboard

Selecting partition design for the separation of the room

You clearly have decided that you need in this place a decorative partition.You have decided on its exact position and orientation, because the decorative fence may be arranged in various ways, which of course also depends on the design of the entire premises or fenced off areas.Often, a large living room there is a need to separate a small piece of personal space to work or relax.So here there is a question of comfort and light levels.Unless, of course, this partition is not done for the pantry.If the rest area can be separated and without windows, then it is better to work to build a capture of a single window.This will create the necessary warmth and comfort of being in the zone.

Partitions room

Partitions in

room to choose the design of partitions, you must have a general idea of ​​the whole picture.On one side of the partition should be in harmony with the interior of one of the room, and the second should be the addition of the second part.In this case, if there are elements in the design of unique features, curvilinear and chaotic, then the partition may become something unimaginable with irregular geometric shapes.With the help of drywall can realize their most creative ideas.Partition in an apartment with such a design can be made with non-standard forms may contain strange, but the original elements that will be a highlight in the interior of your home.

Video ideas partitions from different materials