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August 12, 2017 18:08

A variety of options and ideas decoration wall wallpaper


  • 1 Why use a combination
    • 1.1 Vertical stripes are expanding the boundaries of interior
    • 1.2 horizontal wallpaper - friendly design of the apartments
    • 1.3 Upholstery inserts - the most simple design options
    • 1.4 Patchwork combination - the advantages to photo
    • 1.5 unusual design niches and ledges
  • 2 Professional design wallpaper - the basic techniques and rules

not every one of us knows what design ideas you can implementusing different wallpapers.There are a few professional techniques that can be used for registration of all residential rooms.Typically itself wallpaper design capable of supporting any stylistic concept.But the option of combining different colors and textures gives even greater opportunities.The main thing to find a combination that will create a special interior effects.

Why use a combination

Design wall wallpaper

Design wall wallpaper

Today easy to do in any room design repair their own hands.To this end, various useful wallpaper design allows you to creat

e the necessary interior effects with little effort.What can be achieved in this way?

  1. Hide existing shortcomings .If the room is irregular walls there are vertical tubes that are not in a very good location, to divert attention from them helps bright wide strip glued to the opposite wall.This fragment of the original decor looks always great on a homogeneous background.
  2. Zonirovat space .The photo clearly shows how you can use only one roll, you can visually select a part of the room and correctly position the furniture in the room.Different wallpaper is not difficult to allocate territory for each family member and create around it feels comfortable space.
  3. Adjust geometry .The simplest design method that allows effortlessly fix the geometry of space - wall pasted side light rolls, and end - the dark.In this case, a long drawn out the trailer turns into a broad square room feels.
  4. Turn the wall into a central element of the decor .To do this, not so long ago used Mural.But today endorse such an effect can be, the walls papered with three monochrome rolls and fourth select bright print.Focus someone's attention on one element of decor helps separate insertion of the battles.On their background will look great collection of cold arms or children modeling machines.

In fact, the flight of fantasy can be limitless, so the design of the walls of wallpaper is very popular today.If your imagination is not enough, it is easy to draw inspiration from already fulfilled receptions.Here are the most common ones.

Vertical stripes are expanding the boundaries of interior

Wallpapers Design

wallpaper design

Ready wallpapered wall design ideas are published on the website photos make it possible to compare several options and choose the most successful of them.The easiest way - sticker vertical stripes.This method is not new, but it works, and now at 100%.Just use the same texture and width rolls, combining elements of different colors.Effect games straight lines running on the adjustment of the space as a visual vertical bar lifts the low ceilings.

horizontal wallpaper - friendly design of the apartments

Alternating horizontal bands allows you to expand the walls of the bedroom, living room or kitchen.But it is important to take into account that the width of the insert must take into account the height of the room.If the ceilings are low, the narrowest width of the roll should not exceed a meter.Horizontal stripes form a very comfortable design apartments - wallpapers are inexpensive, but the overall picture of the interior looks very respectable.

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Upholstery inserts - the most simple design options

Upholstery inserts are used when the design of the walls has been completed, but there is a need to make extra decorating touches to his exploitation of.Most advantageous to look bright inserts on striped background.If they are on all sides pasted moldings receive elements of architectural design.These rectangular or square inserts are often used to create a baroque or classical.Wallpaper is made of circles and diamonds, trapezoids and ellipses, it is easy to own hands to try to recreate the picture neoclassicism.

Patchwork combination - the advantages to photo

What other design walls wallpaper can be executed with their hands?Very original look patchwork combination.They help to move away from the standards and create an original design wallpapering.Flap combination may not only have a square or rectangular shape.The small oval pieces, trapezoidal and cubic - they may have a common color or motif to be contrasting.The main thing is that the overall color scheme is still echoed each other, so it is always a win-win - a combination of shades of one color.

unusual design niches and ledges

Wall design wallpaper

decoration wall wallpaper

To create a modern interiors often use a material such as drywall.With its easy to make your own hands ledges and niches, separating them with other colors, experienced designers make the interior tune up with new colors.Obkleivaya niche wallpaper contrasting color, each of us an opportunity to emphasize the functional elements.This combination always looks very advantageous and dynamic, interesting and attractive.

Professional design wallpaper - the basic techniques and rules

Before you make wallpaper design, it is important to take into account the technical characteristics of the room.All the rooms are divided into two major groups:

  • Large.
  • Little.

for finishing small bedrooms, living rooms and children's rooms is better to use light-colored rolls and execute the combination, using shades of the same color palette.They will help to add a sense of lightness and freshness, visually expand the existing boundaries.

If the wall on which is placed a window to paste over dark wallpaper, and all other vertical lines of light rolls, narrow elongated room will seem more proportional.

allocate a separate piece of any particular functional area, it is helpful to have the wallpaper on the ceiling.Since ceiling, visually, of course, will be much higher.Visually lifts the ceiling and vertical lines, which depict the fine floral pattern.

With horizontal division walls design wallpapering should be carried out with the alternation: light top - dark bottom.

changing dynamics and mood helps not only the color but also the picture.Flower Floor - romance.Floral Decorations - classic.Geometric pattern for creating any other stylistic.He helps organize space, rhythm and ask him to do a special emphasis.Cage is always associated with the English style.Embossed cloth can be used to create a special cosiness and comfort.

As you can see, the wallpaper design is able to play a fundamental role in the process of realization of stylistic concepts.This is the easiest way for independent interior design, which is often used when the repair is done with his own hands without the involvement of a professional workforce.