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August 12, 2017 18:08

The design of the apartment with his hands , recommendations and tips


  • 1 How can independently transform the interior
    • 1.1 light and color in the design of the apartment
    • 1.2 minimalism and simplicity
    • 1.3 Ethnic style
    • 1.4 Modern design &repair of apartments
  • 2 How to transform the apartment decor

Perform design of the apartment with his hands - is not easy, but noble, you can show your creative imagination to realize the dream of a variety of projects that make a house is not only convenient in terms of householdservices, but also an amazing, original and attractive.

interior of the apartment should reflect the mood of the owners, to show good taste and be made with all the technology of formation of style.Today is not a problem to find designer accessories, objects, furniture, according to the color solutions at home, and that's how it all perfectly connected to each other - a problem number one!

How can you transform yourself interior

light and color in the design of the apartment

Whatever decor items you no set, lighting

solution should be of high quality and comfortable in the first place.The bright interior materials used to visually expand space dark floor will narrow the room, and a mirror - reflect natural light, making the room free, easy and light.

The color palette of the room will reflect your personality and taste preferences.What kind of life in the soul, and this outside.Black-and-white, color, bright or dark, quiet or contrast etc.

Before starting the arrangement space must be defined with style of the room, to coordinate with the other tenants all the nuances of the future space decoration.

minimalism and simplicity

Such interior of the apartment with his hands is suitable for small-sized room, which will be a minimum of different decorations, and a maximum free space.As a material suitable metal and glass, and the color range - from white to dark contrasting hue.The main thing is nothing superfluous, and only what you need!

Ethnic style

For lovers of natural and natural, in the decoration and design of the apartment can be used bamboo wallpaper, rugs instead of carpets, laminate or cork.It would be appropriate lacquer ware, bamboo weaving, wooden objects.

If the style is elegant and luxurious Bole, you can pokleit wallpaper with a vegetable or floral patterns, use of heavy drapery fabrics, upholstery bright contrasting colors.

English style - a fireplace, polished furniture, planters with beautiful blooming roses, checkered blanket on the couch.Options riot of imagination a lot, and that is closer to your perception - choose!

modern design and renovation of apartments

«High-tech" - industrial and technical reasons, no cabinets, built-ins only with closed or hinged sections.The material may be made of wood or metal, depending on the preference of the owner of the premises.

Such decoration requires extra lighting, lamps should stand on the floor and hanging from the ceiling.Expressing your individuality is important not to forget about the comfortable conditions of stay in the house, because the beauty of the soul, and a sofa for relaxing.

room design their own hands - a field for imagination, there needs to be placed properly functional areas, choose colors and finishing accessories.

How to transform the apartment decor

In each room there is a place for the original chandeliers, vases, shelves for books, paintings, jewelry boxes, it is possible to create all of the available tools and original way to decorate a room.Decor apartments with their own hands - a flight of thought, the exercise of violent fantasies, underlining their individuality and perfection.

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bright objects should be placed at the corners of the house, decorated with mirrors to hang in the bedroom or in the hall and in the kitchen to create a whole world, and updated pots for flowers, stands for dishes, from improvised paintingstools, paper, glue, matches, pasta, sticks, cereals, etc.These decorations will not leave any of your guests indifferent!

From cotton swabs can make beads, dandelions, which will emphasize the individuality of the room, and textiles and dried fruits or vegetables get a great picture of the author, in which you can put your favorite family photo.

Do not throw out the old boxes of furniture if they are clean, paint in bright colors, some of them turn out excellent stand for kitchen appliances, as well as books, CDs, bath accessories, jewelry and needlework veshchichek.
from scrap materials, you can create air lamps, beach ball wound hemp rope and having painted with latex paint.It is possible to put a small light bulb power, after removing the frame (the ball) to create volume figures.More ideas on how you can quickly transform the decor in the apartment with his hands.

Please note that using the flat finishes can hide some flaws repair facilities, to make room cozy and comfortable.

  1. adds color in the interior!If you have a boring wallpaper, ugly upholstery, with the help of decorated cushions can change the whole situation, to add colors, different shapes, bright colors on the material.
  2. interior volume!Glass expands the space of a few vases on the dresser will expand the room visually barriers and glass lamps, shelves, coffee tables.
  3. world traveler.Each time, returning from a trip, we bring many lovely veshchichek, which will delight us winter evenings.So why not arrange the items in a wonderful collage and hang on the wall in the lounge.A photo of delicious dishes overseas to hang out in the kitchen, so filling out the dining room wall.
  4. Hobbies - the gift of life!Let this domain will decorate your home.Embroidery, beading, painting, paintings, and other elements of «handmade» is easy to make a particle of comfort and convenience.Look, admire, and relax your body and soul!

Do not chase the expensive things, such as near a storehouse for a memorable design your room.What could be better than those of native elements of the decor, which will radiate extraordinary power of soul and happiness!

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