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August 12, 2017 18:08

Second Life scraps of drywall

After completing work on the gypsum boards are pieces of trim.Most consumers simply throw away the remnants of the material.

No need to hurry!
remaining scraps of drywall are ideal for the production of various housings or false panels, shelves and tables, cabinets and partitions.When
imaginative pieces of drywall obtained great mosaic painting.

certain among you there are people masterovitye who love to create different things with his hands.
The article provides some useful tips on the use of plasterboard waste.
Since the main and related materials are inexpensive and work with accessories can be anyone ready to do something with their own hands Plasterboard.

What can be made of pieces of plasterboard with their hands?

can make tables, shelves, kitchen cabinets made of drywall residue, various furniture.

But first things first
Because gypsum board rather fragile material, secured parts of it should be in the frame.
for manufacturing a skeleton of suitable metal galvanized profile, and a

block of wood or a rake.
preferable frames made of galvanized metal waste profile.
profile does not require additional processing, as opposed to the wood blocks.

proceed to the presentation of objects made from scraps of plasterboard with their hands.

niche - for - heating radiators 1. Niche for radiators
to install radiators in the walls is necessary to make certain niche depth.If the brick wall, then carved a niche obtained with jagged edges and require subsequent plastering.Application
pieces of drywall sheets helped to solve this problem without resorting to kneading solutions.

Because drywall pieces necessary to prepare fragments niche walls: a rear wall, side walls, top and bottom sides.
to the back wall, you can use drywall pieces, selected by size.
glued parts using plaster or gypsum mixture with milk.It turns a beautiful niche.

way, the alignment the walls are sometimes required to impose the thick layers of plaster.This can be avoided by using the remaining chunks of gypsum board of desired thickness.
Instead of laying plaster glued pieces of drywall the required thickness.The thickness is selected experimentally.

soffits 2. Slopes for windows or doors
installing a new door or window, in front of the host raises the question of how to make the slopes, without resorting to plastering.
Out there.
Excellent slopes obtained from scrap drywall sheets.
slopes cut into chunks the size you want, stick with a mixture of gypsum and fixed rule.

3. casing on communication
Close sewers, running water or a heating is possible by means of casings made of the remaining scraps of drywall.

From Profile residues around the pipe frame is made, is planned to install the auditing hatch.The resulting design sheathe the remaining pieces of drywall.

Everything is done simply.In parallel pipes using dowel-nail to the wall mounted profile.To the profile perpendicular to the attached jumper.It turns out the profile frame.
way, bridges are attached with screws, popularly called "a seed" or rivets.The box - out drywall
Cut to size pieces of drywall are attached to the frame with screws, screw-strictly a right angle, recessed caps 1 mm.

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4. Hinged shelf
If you have pieces of ceiling profile, they are useful in the manufacture of hinged shelves.
of pieces of ceiling profile is going frame, fixed to the wall by means of anchor bolts.Frame top remains closed gypsum board.On
angles necessarily installed perforated corners.
The resulting structure it is necessary to putty, to smooth and paint or paste over.

5. Coffee table table frame
Excellent coffee table can be easily done from the remaining scraps of drywall.
You will need wooden bars, bars.
made from remnants of the profile of a solid frame, it remains obsheyte drywall zashpaklyuyte, sanded.The resulting design can paste over textured paper or paint.

place in the bathroom 6. cabinet bathroom
space under the bathroom can be transformed into a place to store toiletries.But how to do this can be seen in the attached photos.
If the bath is already installed, the profile frame is mounted on the perimeter of the bath.Extreme close
niche drywall scraps, in the center of the door is made of the same material.Here are more detailed instructions for the manufacture of the screen under the bath.

But what can be done from a profile for plasterboard with their hands

Galicia profile 001 7. Greenhouse
best application profile, assemble the frame of the greenhouse.Its size can be any.From waste will frame a small teplichke for planting early vegetables.
going frame on the screws or by rivets.When installing the lower part of the frame should be based on stone or wooden elevation, exclusive contact with the ground.
Top Galicia takes cover with plastic wrap or polycarbonate sheets.

trough 8. Animal feeders
way, the profile can be made excellent feeder for quail, chickens, rabbits, nutria, hamsters, parrots.Since
profile in cross-section has the shape of the brand, cutting off the edges and curving hand, you can get excellent feeders.

Conclusion: never throw away the remnants of the materials from which you can make a variety of useful items.