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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to choose wallpaper for the living room


  • 1 1. Exotic coatings for walls living
  • 2 2. Wall covering foil
  • 3 3. Non-woven covering for living room
  • 4 4. Wallpaperfabric

Wallpaper for living room photo surfaces of the walls of our occupied mostly very huge area in the building and immediately attracted the attention of their appearance.Therefore, the walls of finishing plays a crucial and significant role in creating a new interior.In today's world there is a tremendous amount of wallpaper, which include the best and style directions, and also offer a huge range of textures, texture, color combinations of decors.Website renovated apartment in the home tell how and what to choose wallpaper for the living room right.

Finding your way in this vast ocean of large varieties of modern wallpaper for walls, not a simple task, but very easy to get lost, for this purpose the specialists in these areas is not recommended to recover in DIY stores in the hope of a random selection of wallpaper of your dreams.

desirable before going to the store to consider new

and future interior and to provide for a clear imagination of what features will solve wallpaper, and what kind of wallpaper you need.

living room - it is primarily the front of house area, which is the most visited area.This is the room in which we always take visitors came.To repair a large living room should be approached very seriously and responsibly, because this room should play an impression and attract with its originality and beauty.

Most of all, for haunted the living room, according to experts, are suitable:

1. Exotic coatings for walls living

Exotic coatings for walls - new modern wallpaper of beautiful bambooseaweed, rice paper and straw.Such coating materials are weaved in Japan and China hand, where such work is a true traditional arts.Pay your attention to the fact that exotic wall coverings are perfect for pasting them near Aquariums.

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2. Wall covering foil

Wall coverings of photo foil .Wallpaper of the foil Wall coverings of foil are very unusual and extraordinary.These wallpapers are in perfect harmony with the interior of the living room, in classic or ultra-modern style.Wall coverings foil perfectly protect the room from the harmful radiation of the environment and enhance the sound insulation in the room.With this wallpaper in the living room will always be not too hot in summer and cold in winter will be warm.

3. Non-woven covering for living room

Non-woven wall covering - it is the usual wall coverings, which are still used by their popularity.The technology works by such wallpaper does not differ in complexity and labor intensity: the adhesive is necessary to cover only the surface of the wall, and the wall covering itself strengthened in dry form on the base.The main advantage of non-woven coating is a low price - a good choice for the living room.Additionally, you can decorate the living room - ripple, pleated, and a variety of fabrics on the walls.

4. Wallpaper fabric

Wallpaper photos from fabric traditional finishing material for decoration wallpaper the living room area are made of velvet cloth, linen and silk.These wallpapers will give the room elegance, refinement and comfort.Wallpapers of fabrics have a wide variety of patterns, colors and textures.They will satisfy even the most refined and demanding tastes of man.These wallpapers have a special Teflon coating which protects the fabric and protects reliably against contamination, burn, absorb moisture and different smells.Wallpapers of fabric are natural and in their production process in the manufacture of wallpaper anti-dust agents, so it does not need to spend a lot of personal time to care for wallpaper: it is enough to walk on wallpaper only vacuumed once a year.

All these wall coverings are relatively different appearance and quality of the paper of old wallpaper.Wallpaper in the living room need to talk about your taste and character of the guests.Now you are more oriented to what wallpaper pokleit living room.Alternatively look specialized design magazines and the interior of the apartment will be more visible.