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August 12, 2017 18:08

What colors are combined in the interior of the room

What colors are combined in the interior photo Unsuccessful color combinations.The combination of purple and black colors make the space oppressive and compressed.Brown leads to melancholy and depression.Red shades cause aggression and irritate.Gray background brings a person into depression, sadness and depression.From blue breathes a sense of cold and moisture.

Magic color

colors in the interior play an important role.The most important thing - it is to know the psychological characteristics of the tenants: the needs, habits and lifestyle.Most people choose the environment in which they are going to live according to their color tastes, rather than trends fashion trends.Any combination of colors in the interior should be beautiful, comfortable and high quality, and all this must be in harmony.Most importantly, they should approach a particular family.

Each color in the color palette has its own advantage, which makes the interior a bright, stylish and fantastic.To create a contrasting combination in the interior, it is necessary to choose

the colors antipodes.Marengo and orange.Yellow and blue.Color lime and purple.Light green and pink color.Bright red and green.

If you want something original and elegant, but at the same time think about how to avoid sharp contrasts, then give preference to classic combinations.Now we shall understand what colors are combined in the interior, the site repair of an apartment with his hands below the results of their good combination.

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color selection in the interior of the apartment

  • Grey with blue, pink, blue, green, red, black, yellow.
  • Purple orange, light green, yellow, golden.
  • Lilac with light purple, gray, chestnut.
  • Pink with gray, brown, maroon.
  • Green with yellow, red, maroon, orange, gray, black.
  • Brown gray, gold, pink, beige, yellow.
  • Blue with purple, red, gray, golden.
  • Blue with blue, red, orange, light purple.

color imitation

Different colored composition is constantly in contact with our lives and become part of it.In keeping with the laws of combination of colors in the interior rooms of the apartment, various shades transmit their energy to man.The colors soothe, help to escape from troubles, relax.Colours like people: they saturate the senses at home, have their own temperament, causing apathy and sympathy, imitate the master.It is in harmony combination of colors and it's manifested.

Sand and white colors bring into the house a feeling of coolness.By design "patio" style will suit the color of bamboo furniture.Rooms in a striped blue and red color shades can close the world inside the house, incorporating bright lighting.Most importantly, choose a combination for their psychological characteristics.And do not forget about the selection of lighting in the interior of it, too, depends on many things.