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August 12, 2017 18:08

The lighting in the interior , selection of lamps for rooms

The lighting in the interior , selection of lamps for room photo If you pick up the right lighting for your premises, not only maintain eye health, but will also highlight in the familiar interior.Your room will be considered a well-lit only when per square meter will fall bulb 20 watts.But it is not necessary to understand these words literally, and not a single step to move away from these indicators, because your house has a special purpose for each of its zones.It turns out that the lighting should be appropriate for each room.Site Repair apartments with their own hands will look into the matter.

What kind of light is much better to install?

to the biggest room in the house, it is desirable to use a chandelier in which the light source is completely open.Frosted bulbs are perfect for ceiling light, because their tone is the most optimal and pleasing to the eye.The floor lamps, embedded lamps and wall sconces can be used incandescent lamp low power.

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lamp you are using a desktop, let it be at least 70 watts.Over the workplace c

an be positioned halogen lamp, which is perfect as the top light.Such a device must be provided with a light intensity control - dimmer, which enables you to control the lighting depending on the eye fatigue.For a study fit and fluorescent lamps, which have the marking "840".Just do not forget that when working with a table lamp must always light and overhead light.In this case, the load on the eye is neither so big.

presence of bright light in the interior of the bedroom does not necessarily.A much better solution to ensure complete rest is soft, diffused and soft light.Bedside area can be lit using the lamps with which capacity is not more than 25 watts.If you want to create a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom, then you can use the lamp-light or flicker with shade.It should be clarified that flicker - this is such a lamp that creates a simulation of the burning flame of a candle.It gives a little light, and from a distance you can not tell her "flicker" from this burning flame.In order to know how many lamps and a power needed, use the online calculator lit room.

Now you know what kind of light is much better to install in your rooms.A better approach to the choice of lighting in the apartment more scrupulously, because depend on it, and the general feeling when you are in the room.And if all planned and you want to make a false ceiling plasterboard, then this is a great opportunity to play with fantasy and light.