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August 12, 2017 18:08

Calculating the number of ecowool for insulation


  • 1 How to calculate the number of insulation?
    • 1.1 step-by- calculation
    • 1.2 Features calculate
    • 1.3 Indicators thickness of laying insulation
  • 2 Benefits calculation ecowool calculator online
    • 2.1 Application Method ecowool.

Ecowool a modern heating material that has good performance and quickly applied.Comb the number and amount of insulation for the exterior walls, and the side surfaces of the foundations of various structures can be advanced online calculator.It made a quick calculation ecowool based window and door openings, given the cost of insulation (based on manufacturer specifications).

How to calculate the number of insulation?

To find this figure should take into account certain information:

  • density of packing material;
  • view of the house for insulation (roof, walls, floor, attic);
  • thickness ecowool;
  • area ecowool insulation cost per bag;

step-by- calculation

If you do the calculation amount of the insulation using a calculator, online, then

it requires a prepared form to enter specific values, specify the insulation thickness in centimeters, laying area for each type of insulated part of the house and get ready data- the number of packages and material cost.ecowool

With self-insulation of different elements of the house it is important to take into account the performance density of the material, they will be directly depend on several factors:

  • producer ecowool;
  • equipment for its preparation;
  • method of grinding newsprint mass;
  • packaging method.

Because the package size and weight may differ among themselves (it is necessary to consider when buying a self-material).

weight of one package can be from 20 to 10 kg, and the volume of goods from 0.8 to 0.5 m3.When calculating the density of the material, providing an estimate of 90 to 190 kg per cubic meter.

Features calculate

ecowool The quality will depend on the density of the packing material, it should also take into account the presence of additives in the composition and the presence of flame retardants introduced.The greater the density of the insulation, the higher thermal conductivity is obtained, taking into account the cost overruns ecowool per square meter.

material density will vary, depending on where ecowool be used.

  1. will be from 30 to 45 kg per m3 In horizontal stacking of material densities.
  2. On the slopes - from 45 to 55 kg per m3.
  3. When "casting" the walls with one or both sides - from 55 to 70 kg per m3.

Important!With self-acquisition of insulation is necessary to ask the seller:

  • what density is calculated stacking of this material;
  • give any guarantee on the absence of a manufacturer of a construction product shrinkage;
  • matching characteristics of reality;
  • to consult specialists soglasnovseh insulation options before purchasing goods.

Indicators thickness of laying insulation

ecowool and competitors costs In determining the data necessary to find a compromise between the two values:

  • measure insulation resistance of the building;
  • thickness beams.

Ecowool a bulk insulator, and therefore the thickness of the filling into the cavity of the roof (for example) will depend on the period, which is set rafters.And to change this indicator is virtually impossible!

Features ecowool

Benefits calculation ecowool calculator online

Thanks to the automatic system of calculating the amount of insulation for the walls and other surfaces for laying the foundation for a few seconds, you can get the required data.

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Setting parameters:

  • district insulation;
  • ecowool production;
  • volume of packaging;
  • recommended density of packing material;
  • surface warming.

The calculator can determine the density of backfill ecowool, layer thickness, the total length of all the walls, the height and density of the insulation.As a result, we get the results on the number of heater and about its cost.

always need to keep a small percentage of error of no more than 10%.Taking into account the human factor in completing the data.The findings on the results of the calculations can be used with confidence when laying insulation.

What insulate
Density kg / m3
Area insulation, m2:
thickness of the insulation, see:
Weight kg:
Number-in bags (15 kg):
Horizontal construction (floor, ceiling)

Inclined design (attic)

Verticalstructure (wall)

wet-glue application