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August 12, 2017 18:08

Types and characteristics of ceramic tiles for the roof

Types and characteristics of ceramic tiles for the roof photo Choice roof to roof.Ceramic tiles for the roof - great roof.

Industry produces cement-sand and clay (ceramic) tiles.Making clay ceramic tiles for the roof, similar to the enterprises producing bricks.Cement-sand tiles can be made independently, using a homemade press.For this purpose must be thoroughly mixed to 1 part of pine or spruce sawdust and 2 parts of cement and pure quartz sand, and then add the resulting mixture, 0.5 part of water.

See - as to repair a slate roof, as well as the device, installation and types of tiled roof for the different types of buildings.

specifications and types of tile roof

ready grooved elements are manufactured to overlap edges and ridge industry. Tile is the nature of the connection:

- simple, which clings to the trough for only one edge;

- complicated engagement at which the two or more ribs.

for manufacturing tiles form is of the following types:

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- tape with a curved edge;

- belt with double curved edge, represen

ted by two types, such as "beaver tail" and "baking".

Each tile on the back side there ear or other device through which the attachment to her crate.

performed on modern equipment, such clay tile roof is ecologically clean house, extremely durable (its life over 100 years) and also has a high decorative effect.

It has an acrylic coating which, in addition to the high decoration, different and more excellent protective properties: water resistance and frost resistance.

Cement-sand tile can be ridge, and a dual slot.Dimensions of tile slot is 420 x 334 x 12 mm, weight - 4,8-5 kg, ridge - 450 x 247/210 x 16/18 mm.

produced cement-sand tiles of different colors.Stain it in two ways.The first method involves the introduction of a coloring pigment in the tile during its manufacture.In the second method, the surface is treated with ready-made tiles - sprayed on her polymer emulsion or colored cement composition.

Sometimes the surface of the tile roofing roof granulates sprinkled colored sand.In most cases the staining is performed in a red and brown.

tile is divided by Alpine, Viennese and Roman.The first plane is produced, and the latter two types tile has a bulk shape.

service life of concrete roof tiles is much smaller than the ceramic.The advantages are its ease of implementation and low weight.Main types and important features we discussed, is now the choice is yours.See below for related articles in other types of roofing materials.