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August 12, 2017 18:08

As easy to remove traces of yellow spots on the wall and ceiling


  • 1 Removing the ceiling of oil stains
  • 2 Removing the ceiling water stains
    • 2.1 Get rid of yellow stains after fresh repair
    • 2.2 is removed from the ceiling stains from soot andsmoke
    • 2.3 How to rid it of rust on metal fixtures and plaster beacons

removal of yellow stains on the ceiling - not an easy task, but doable.To get rid of these defects, you first need to determine the cause.Accordingly, the stain removal methods are also different.Yellow stains on the ceiling may occur due to exposure to smoke, fumes, oil, and as a result of flooding on the upper floors of living neighbors.Such defects may appear on the ceiling and on the grounds of the nearby rusty sewer pipes or water mains.Sometimes, when sections of yellowish appear at the newly renovated ceiling.The easiest way to paint spray paint Bon or use paint solvent-based primer is ideally automotive type GF.If the stains are more advanced you can use other tips.For example how to remove stains foam.

It is important to place the metal fittings and connection plates in prefabricated houses have been painted over, if it does not do the rust tread through putty.

For stain removal will need:

  • metal spatula 7-8 mm wide;
  • Foam sponge;
  • Brush;
  • chlorine solution ( "White");
  • plastic or metal container;
  • Roller;
  • Tray for paint;
  • better white paint (to stain blikovat);
  • deep penetrating primer.

Shaded any spot will Primer GF 021. Be sure to pre-treat the surface is important.

Removing oil stains from the ceiling

process of removing oil stains from the ceiling - troublesome.The difficulty of the work lies in the fact that oil is strongly penetrates into plaster, so even removing a layer of lime, proshpaklevat several times to paint the ceiling, over time, you can re-encounter with the advent of oil stains.To remove oil stains from the ceiling, you need to perform a specific sequence of actions:

  • Clear the problem area from dust and dirt;
  • perform primer oil stains;
  • expect primer dries;
  • Pour paint into a tray and, using a roller, paint over the stain;
  • Sites that are difficult to paint roller, carefully paint the brush;
  • paint over the stains on the ceiling of one coat of paint, we expect it is completely dry;
  • If the stain is still evident, it is necessary to paint over it several times until it disappears completely;
  • Then is better to wait a few days and, if the stain does not appear, you can start work on repairing the ceiling.

Removing the ceiling water stains

Water stains leaking ceiling

process of eliminating this type of defect is reduced to the steps following methods

  1. Using a spatula clear the spots of paint and putty.
  2. Pour into a container "whiteness," and soak the sponge, treat stains surface until the stain does not become lighter.If the sponge will turn yellow, it must be replaced.
  3. necessary to wait for the drying surface.If a yellowness remains, repeat the procedure.

Get rid of yellow stains after fresh repair

From stains on the ceiling, painted recently, you can get rid of using oil paint.Spot surface must be covered with several layers.If the problem area is different from the rest of the ceiling surface gloss, has a different shade of paint on top of a glossy paint must be applied, which is used for painting the entire ceiling.Remove the rust stains from the ceiling.In order to neutralize these defects, it is necessary to use a primer vitriol (travyanku).For its production will need 250 grams of soap, copper sulfate, bone glue, 40 g of linseed oil.So prepare vitriol primer.

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  1. Copper sulfate dissolved in 1 liter of water.
  2. the resultant rastvory.Otdelno dissolve the glue, which fall asleep soap, grated, and varnish.
  3. Before using the resulting mixture was diluted with water at a ratio of 1:10.

also to remove rust stains from the ceiling, you can use a concentrated solution of copper sulfate (it should be a bright blue).In this process the stain solution surface several times with an interval of 2-3 hours.As a result of surface treatment will have a greenish tint.After drying, the stain should be primed with acrylic primer or paint based on white spirit.Sequence of work using a primer of vitriol (travyanki).

  1. carefully processed travyankoy spot.
  2. After drying the primer layer on the land with yellowness should apply a layer of hydrophobic fillers.This is done in order to block the stain and prevent its re-penetrate the surface.
  3. Expect dry putty (not less than one day).
  4. The surface should be primed again using acrylic primer.
  5. enamel painted surface, waiting for the complete drying.
  6. Finally, the repaired area of ​​the ceiling can be painted with paint, where the entire surface of the ceiling was painted.

is removed from the ceiling stains from soot and smoke

stains from smoke

soot from fireplaces, candles, smoke from cigarettes to post a ceiling yellow spots.To get rid of these defects, it is necessary to follow the steps below.

  1. necessary to clean the area with yellowness from contamination with a dry sponge.Do not use a damp sponge - ceiling surface can absorb water.
  2. Prepare cleaning solution.Mix 3.5 liters.warm water and 1 tablespoon of sodium orthophosphate.
  3. Apply the solution on the stain with a sponge uniform pressing (to protect your hands, you need to wear rubber gloves).
  4. Repeat several times until the stain disappears.
  5. If the stain still does not disappear completely, it should be primed with primer GF.
  6. ceiling can be painted.

How to rid it of rust on metal plaster beacons and fittings

It so happens that the repair is done in a hurry and after plaster somewhere was the lighthouse and when the repair is already completed then there is such a nuisance when painted wall appears bloatingputty and plaster stains show through the lighthouse.This occurs when the lighthouse rust and thereby raises paint or yellow spots are formed which show through even through wallpaper and paint. important in the repair process to remove paint lighthouses from the walls and ceiling.

There are two ways to get rid of the rust plaster beacons on the wall.

1. Pull out the lighthouse and close up this place.Working with plaster beacons.

2. Carefully cut the plaster to get to the edge where in the process of leveling the wall erased galvanizing layer, we clean and paint over it with varnish or paint solvent-based (such as PF or GF) after local repair restore surface shpaklyuem and paint.

Video on how to how to get rid of stains on the walls and ceiling with his hands.