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August 12, 2017 18:08

Wallpapers of cork .How to glue cork wallpaper on the wall right

Too many people want to do at home is not only beautiful and high-quality repairs, but also that it is made from environmentally friendly materials.One of the most important factors of the repair of an apartment, and the choice is pasting wallpaper.The majority of the wallpaper on the market today can not answer the requirements of environmental quality, and mostly renovated with conventional wallpaper remains an unpleasant smell for a while.Yet out of this situation is - cork wallpaper.However, this option is more expensive and time-consuming, because the usual way such pokleit wallpaper is not.But if you know all the nuances of this case, it is possible to cope with this job without too much difficulty.As for the cost of such a material, it is worth to say that the material justifies all the costs of it.So, if you want to get a good repair, you should get rid of all doubts have emerged.

cork material for walls can be of two types - a roll (so-called "cork wallpaper") and in the plates.But do not be a

fraid in advance when choosing one or another type, because they are glued exactly the same.

The first step is to prepare all the means at hand, you may need before you glue the cork wallpaper on the wall correctly:

1. Knife and cutting Drywall scissors.
2. line, preferably metal.
3. Comb with a small tooth glue application.
4. Spatula laying glue.It is best to take small.
5. Pencil.
6. Plumb bob or spirit level.
7. Rags.

How to glue cork wallpaper

How to glue cork wallpaper photo , correct sticking cork wallpaper Before the glue cork wallpaper, make sure that your wall is smooth, processed and ready for use, that is to wallpapering.It should be understood that the wall must be perfectly flat, because after gluing cork all the irregularities and flaws will be very much evident, so it pays to take care of this in advance, so you do not regret what was done.But strong filler walls unnecessary.You can simply do lighthouse home with plaster or putty.In this case, you can not use all the finishing putty, but is primed surface soil or flaws.

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cork wallpaper pasting begins with the acquisition of a special adhesive for cork or a similar adhesive composition.You can also select and acrylic adhesive, but then may resemble sticky gluing tiles.Here it is necessary to apply the adhesive on the wall using a comb and strongly pressed to the wall cork boards.

very important to know that when dealing with cork wallpaper, they can not bend and distort, as well as glue them on the corners overlap - all this is very important.Gluing this material should only be butted and cut a very strong pair of scissors.

Due to the dense packing of cork wallpaper slightly rumpled, which is why before gluing should cut them into strips and give a little lie down on the floor.By the tiles is also a treat.Before you start work, you must make a careful layout of the wall.To do this, draw a horizontal and vertical line in the middle of the wall (this is very important especially when working with tiles).If you want to prirezka was only at the bottom, you can slightly shift the horizontal line.If you kleite wallpaper, it is necessary to outline a vertical line and start to glue on it in both directions, then prirezka be uniform on all sides.Now you can start glueing.

If you choose a thick paste, then it stands to gain a small spatula and applied to the comb wall.It is necessary to apply the adhesive only on the area of ​​the sheet gluing wallpaper or a single tile, otherwise the glue may dry out.

After you have done to glue firmly pressed cork wallpaper to the wall.The best thing and the right to glue cork wallpaper together, as during the operation, one person will press down on the top, and the second to keep the list below.

This material glue the butt joint, but watch out for those that have glue or getting out of the joints, and even more so at the very cap.If after all this happened, it is not necessary to wipe the glue immediately, it is best to wait, and after it dries, it gently podkovyrnite.