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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to glue wallpapers properly with video


  • 1 Tips how to paste Mural on the wall correctly:
  • 2 Drying time photowall:
  • 3 Surface cleaning photowall after sticking on the wall:
  • 4 color scheme - likechoose the color of the walls to the Mural:
  • 5 Finally briefly the whole sequence of actions:
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How to glue wallpapers properly with video examples.

Pasting of walls photo wallpapers.When gluing photowall there is a guide that helps to make things right and achieve excellent results.The first step is to prepare the materials at hand, which are needed for the job:

1. Bucket, which need to glue mix.
2. Do not synthetic glue for photo wallpapers pack.It is best to choose the glue on a natural basis.
3. Brush, which need to apply adhesive.
4. Roller for smoothing wallpaper.
5. Stationery knife to carefully decorate the edges of the wallpaper.
6. Roulette for measuring wall.
7. Level.
8. spatula.
9. Pencil.

Before you begin pasting wallpaper walls, make sure that the wall surface is flat, smooth, purified and ready to

see how to prepare the wall for wallpapering.Do not forget that the wall is completely dry - this is very important.On your wall should not remain the old wallpaper and irregularities.If they exist, they should get rid of them with a spatula.An equally important factor is the fact that the temperature of the room where you are going to glue wallpapers, should be at least twenty degrees.Remember that you should completely eliminate drafts, otherwise you risk getting less than ideal result of your work as wallpaper may not dry evenly wrinkled and in some places stretch.

Go ahead.Lay on the floor panel of the image to see the whole picture completely.Now you should compare the size of the resulting image with the size of your wall.Next, using a pencil and mark the level of the wall on each side of the figure, this way you will be able to achieve the best result and the correct image.Moreover, since it will be easier to glue the panels.Now comes pasting wall photo wallpapers.

Photo Wall Mural Photo Tulips Now you can stir the adhesive in accordance with the instructions printed on the package and apply it with a brush on the first panel.If the surface of your wall is not smooth, and more porous, then you may need to apply several layers of glue.More exactly delineated lines enclose the first panel to the wall, and, with the help of rolki glue it carefully smoothing.Smoothes panel should be from inside to outside.Just do the same job with the second, third and fourth panel.

Since fifth glue panel, you should pay close attention to the fact that the picture matched.To do this, the fifth panel a little to the panel to impose the number one (it's about five millimeters).Consequently, the panel of six, seven and eight is necessary to impose on the next panel so that the resulting picture is fully consistent with the provisions and match result.It is necessary to carefully wipe all got glue on the front of the photo wallpapers with a dry and clean cloth.If it is necessary to trim the edges of photo wallpapers, then it should be done only after the adhesive wallpapers and completely dry.To do this, you should use pre-cooked office knife.

Tips how to stick to the wall wallpapers correctly:

Before you start applying photowall panel to the wall, it should be treated with glue.After you have done to the adhesive on the surface it is necessary to wait until the glue is partially dry.This is to ensure that all unnecessary moisture is absorbed, but the wall at the same time remained sticky.photowall panel must be carefully positioned on the wall, missed the glue that, and ensure that the part photowall coincided with incised line in advance.Very important tip - press Mural is a center roller to smooth and evenly to the edges.Each of the following must be photowall stick or exactly butt or lap, that is, to adhere to the instructions of the wallpaper that you choose for yourself - this will help to achieve the perfect result on completion of the work.Strongly do not worry if you suddenly see small bubbles on the surface - they will go after the glue has dried, modern wallpaper not picky, if you stick gluing technology.

Video how to glue wallpapers on the wall

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Drying time photowall:

Photo Wall Mural background with black and white photo of a night city

Photo Wall Murals withbackground black and white night city.

glue drying time and photowall is highly dependent on air humidity and room temperature, where is this work.If the room is dominated by the normal conditions, then the adhesive layer can dry out in just three and a half hours.But we must remember that after application of the adhesive layer on the wall mounting photowall shall be made no more than three and a half hours.

But after gluing the wallpaper and the wall must be dry for at least one hour.Can significantly reduce the use of the drying infokrasnyh rays or hot air, but no more than sixty degrees.

Surface cleaning photowall after sticking on the wall:

In order to remove the liquid adhesive that remained on the right side of photo wallpapers and joints after fixing them on the wall is necessary to use water or soap solution.If the adhesive has dried up, then it is necessary to resort to the use of ethanol or acetone.But it is important to do it carefully, because these substances can damage the surface of photo wallpapers.

If you did not follow the rules of application technology photowall, after which you formed bubbles and deformation, this case is not considered as a guarantee, and the exchange of these wallpapers can not be.

color scheme - how to choose the color of the walls to the Mural:

Photo wall flowers on the wall photos , photo wallpapers flowers in the interior of the bedroom

Photo Wall Mural - flowers on the wall.

Mural Very often associated with the earth, the sun, the fire, the fire.Cool colors when choosing photowall considered to be green, blue, blue, blue-green and various shades of these colors.Some of the colors that are applied to photowall panel, can create the impression of proximity, or delete an object.It is important to know that if the room is dominated by warm colors, it visually reduced, and hence, for small rooms is recommended to choose wallpapers in cold tones, thus you increase the space optically.

colors that can create a feeling of proximity to the object, as well as increasing its volume, is:

1. Orange .
2. Brown .
3. White.
4. Red .
5. Pink .

colors that visually reduce the volume of an object, and create a sense of its remoteness, it is:

1. Grey .
2. Black .
3. Blue .
4. Purple .
5. Blue .

As GREEN , it relates to neutral tones, and therefore, can not influence either the removal or the subject closer.All this is very important when choosing photowall, as is necessary to consider what is necessary for you and your dwelling.But do not forget about the appropriateness of the image, that is, where it will be located - in the bedroom, living room, nursery, office and so on.See how to choose wallpaper for the living room.Now you're ready, because you already know how to glue wallpapers on the wall properly and hopefully seeing video tutorials.

Finally briefly the whole sequence of actions:

Let's once again go through the gluing technology, because it is worth remembering that this technology consists of several stages:

1. Cleaning the surface of the wall.
2. Measure the wall and matching its size and picture size.
3. Removing the plinth.Suitable temperature and freedom from drafts.
4. Realize pattern in accordance with the required image.
5. Contouring lines on each panel photowall.
6. Preparation of glue.
7. And immediately, she Wallpapering.

Still, it is worth to know is what to avoid visual reduce the room, it should withdraw from the ceiling about five or six centimeters.Do not forget that the press and smooth wallpapers should be from inside to outside.And just remember how to stick to the wall wallpapers right - stick each part photowall should be in accordance with the technology of your type of photo wallpapers, ie either flat butt or overlap the same.Video to help and good luck!