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August 12, 2017 18:08

The alignment of the walls .How to properly align the wall in the apartment with his hands

How to properly align the wall with his hands photo

Learning to dub wall

We have a previous article we talked about how to carry out the alignment of the ceiling apartments with their own hands, and now try to describe more as you align the wall.If you are still on the look of your house or apartment, then before to prepare the wall for wallpapering or put the tiles correctly, you need to align the walls.

How to properly align the wall in the apartment with his hands?

First of all you must determine by what methods you want to align the wall in his apartment, there are two ways.The first is the alignment of the walls of plasterboard with a skeleton, and the second frameless manner using mortars.

and decide for yourself what you will do with the wall after lining.This is important, for Tolley you align what would be pokleit wallpaper, put a tile or simply paint.If you want pokleit wallpaper or just paint, it is possible to align the wall with the help of this option - plaster the walls with his own hands.And if you want to put the tile, you ne

ed to mix.It is better to engage the tile surface.

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Now we tell you how to align the wall with the help of building mixes quickly and independently.

alignment of the walls on beacons on nails photo Beat in one of the top corners of the nail wall, leave 2 - 3 mm on the surface.It will be the first beacon.Then take a string and attach it to any load, for example a nut.And I got plummet.This plumb attach to the nail so that the goods would be a little bit did not get to the floor.And wait until the plummet will freeze in place.That got a straight line.Beat the second nail into the bottom of the wall in such a way that the thread stud and cap are aligned.Look at the picture on the left.

same way tamper with the opposite part of the wall.4 Got a nail driven into the perimeter, and two straight lines on both sides.

Now take another thread and pull it from the end of one of the lower or upper nail to the opposite end of the other, crosswise.And look, that would be thread stretched diagonally, not in contact with the wall.All we finished with the thread.Now, take a stick or a flat and lean it against the two nails on one side of the wall.

Dilute the mixture with a spatula and fill the space between the stick and the wall.And wait.Due to dry.Here you get a flat, straight line, it will Beacon.Check it with the mounting level.The same manipulations are carried out on the other side of the wall.It's not complicated.Dilute 10 liters Rotband spatula and apply it to the wall of large strokes.After

usually take a stick and smooth and straighten the deposited mixture.Moving up - down, or vice versa, along the lines of Beacon.If little Rotband - add more, until the wall does not take a flat surface.The angle can be trim with a spatula.That's it, do it right.Good luck to you.Video on alignment of the walls.