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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to make a soundproof room , the living room


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How to make a soundproof room , the living room Nowadays, under the present conditions of life in the city of paramount importance is the high-quality sound insulation of residential house premises orespecially in the apartment.Noise is a major cause of human fatigue and irritability.With good sound insulation of walls you get rid of noisy neighbors and annoying street noises.

Start of work on acoustic

First of all, you need to start with in order to study the shortcomings of insulated walls.This can be a crack or crevice in the wall formed by the shrinkage of the house.

These shortcomings need to carefully fill in the sound-proof material (eg, foam, fiberglass, etc.) and then plaster plaster solution.

should also be insulated electrical outlets that are most often through holes in the wall.

Due insulation wall thickness will increase slightly and, consequently, reduced area of ​​the room.But these shortcomings are more than compen

sated for peace that will bring noise isolation.

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most often used when thickening of the walls sheathed foam timber frame.Between the frame and the wall is laid material, which helps to reduce the sound conduction (usually fiberglass and foam) and attached to the wall diligently to further the material is not deformed and do not slid.

approximate thickness of soundproofing materials should be about 9 centimeters.

If a sound insulation boards, it is necessary to mount the screws on top of the wall.Then, the surface should sheathe plasterboard (you can also use glue).To improve the sound insulation of walls, sometimes use a steel profile - it will give extra reflective properties of the wall.It must be installed between the wall itself and the insulating material.This option will provide the best level of laying insulation.

Remember that handedly renovated apartment - rather complicated and very important process.With strict adherence to the above output instructions you get a very high quality results.

also should not forget that the sound insulation of the walls in the room of an apartment or any residential premises - only part of the insulation.To ensure maximum sound insulation, you must also pay attention to the level of the floor insulation, ceiling and windows.

calculator online calculation of the amount of insulation

What insulate
Density kg / m3
Area insulation, m2:
thickness of the insulation, see:
Weight kg:
Number of bags (15 kg):
Horizontal construction (floor, ceiling)

Inclined design (attic)

vertical structure (wall)

wet-glue application