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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to choose wallpaper for the rooms and kitchen


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    • 1.1 Which wallpaper design looks better in the kitchen and other rooms

Decorating the walls in the living areas is often carried out usingWallpaper.It - durable and practical material, which also helps to design the interior space in almost any style.Due to the variety of models is common problem which pokleit wallpaper: some are better suited for the kitchen, the other - for the bathroom, with the help of third better to decorate the entrance hall.Each type has its own unique properties, depending on the material from which is made.

Selecting wallpaper
most common are cheap and wallpaper made entirely of paper.They come in single layer and dual-layer, smooth and embossed surface.Roll quality depends on its thickness, weight quality wallpaper should be between 110 to 140 grams per square meter.

advantages of paper coating, in addition to low cost, are environmentally friendly, and the ability to "breathe".However, when you have to choose on

what basis the best wallpaper, paper products are often outsiders: this is due to the fact that they are resistant to moisture, burn quickly in the sun, absorb odors.

better proven wallpaper made from nonwoven.This material is a tissue paper with the addition of fibers.Non-woven wallpaper and all the benefits of paper, but also durable and do not swell in contact with water.

Comparing what better vinyl wallpaper or paper, it can be concluded that the paper is inferior and vinyl.However, in the composition of vinyl it can be used as a basis.However, the operational properties of the coating does not change: the wallpaper save water resistance and are not prone to fading independently from the lower layers of the material.Disadvantages vinyl wallpaper - air tightness and high price.

Acrylic wallpaper resemble vinyl, but made of a different material.Instead, the foam vinyl of their surface is covered with a thin layer of acrylic.They are breathable, resistant to moisture, but not strong enough and wear out quickly.Hence choosing what is best to glue the wallpaper in the room, articles of acrylic used in moderate humidity and temperature environments, where nothing threatens wallpaper.

Glass fiber - are produced by weaving yarns of glass fiber, known for its resistance to external influences.Glass fiber manufactured by painting, in particular, serve as a basis for the application of water-based paints.The service life of the material is about 30 years, it can be painted to 15 times during this period.

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Wallpapers from natural materials look rather peculiar

Connoisseurs of unusual design is better to buy the wallpaper of non-standard materials.For example, look great on the walls textile wallpaper used in their manufacture mats, jute, cotton, linen and silk fabrics.The advantages of these wallcoverings than attractive appearance refers undemanding maintenance.

Elite kinds of wallpaper made from natural materials - bamboo, veneer, cork and even algae.Some of the models have a paper basis.Natural wallpaper will help make the interior an exclusive, but they are in need of strict observance of temperature and humidity conditions, and are subject to accelerated wear.

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Tips on choosing wallpaper for stick in the apartment

making a choice, which the wallpaper better vinyl or non-woven, it must be assumed that some of the rooms with theirusing the plan to paste over.The first is best suited for the kitchen, hallway or corridor, the second - living room, bedroom, and especially - the child.Nonwoven meets the legal requirements that apply to wallpaper in the children's rooms.First, it "breathes";secondly, it has high durability;Thirdly, resistant to liquids - which means that the baby will have to try to cause material damage.

non-woven wallpaper is also on par with vinyl suitable for kitchen and other rooms with high humidity levels.However, to use them in the bathroom and the bathroom is still not recommended that even high-quality material with sharp changes in temperature and humidity conditions can come into disrepair.If you still want to decorate the room with wallpaper, it is best to place them away from water sources.

deciding which is better pokleit wallpaper in the living room and the bedroom, you can opt for something non-standard.For example, it will look elegant wall decoration made from natural materials.With the best hand proved itself textiles, however, its surface is exposed to static electricity attracts dust.

Which wallpaper design looks better in the kitchen and other rooms

particular importance are the color and texture of the wallpaper.Although here the choice is determined by the individual preferences of owners of the house, there are recommendations which should adhere to, to make a house comfortable.

Thus, thinking over what to paste wallpaper in the kitchen, it is necessary to look at the products of bright colors.In the design of the living room are mostly used beige, green, brown soothing tone.Sometimes the room equip a classic style: furniture of light colors, pastel walls.In the hallway is necessary to pay attention to the color of the front door.

Light wallpaper visually expand the space

bright wallpaper space visually expand

Одна из стен помещения "подчеркнута" обоями другого окраса

One of the walls "stressed" wallpapered room another color

To better determine what color wallpaper combined with the color of the other interior elements, you need to use the color wheel.It is used by designers to find a harmonious schemes.For example, there are similar colors - those located adjacent to the circle;complementary - are in a circle facing each other, creating a contrast;triad - the ones that are equidistant on the circle.

Thus, wallpaper is better to combine.With their help, you can divide the room into functional zones, each of which corresponds to a certain color of the walls.Using wallpaper, also will achieve visual effects: for example, looked favorably square room where one of the walls with wallpaper allocated more vivid colors, as in the photo above.If the walls of the narrow space to paste over bright wallpaper, it will create the illusion of space expansion.