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August 12, 2017 18:08

What is better to choose acrylic paint for ceiling


  • 1 Forms water-based paints for ceiling surfaces
    • 1.1 Manufacturers acrylic paints

Recently painted ceiling has become a common and effective way to trim premises.Paint products on the market represented a huge range.Therefore it is necessary to think, how to choose paint for the ceiling, to not only be beautiful but also reliable and durable.And this is the right approach, as the painting of the ceiling does not cost much, and has the ability to change the appearance of the room quickly and efficiently.So, how to choose paint for the ceiling?Primarily it should be cheap, ecological, easy to apply and sufficiently resistant.These criteria are suitable latex (acrylic) paint for the ceiling.It consists of an aqueous emulsion of acrylic resins.Advantages: - fast drying;- It covers the surface well and is easy to apply;- Does not fade with time and does not tarnish;- White tone does not become yellowed;- A large assortment of colors, allowing you to be tinted different shades;- Water-

resistant;- Easy to clean, but not too often;- It does not form mold.

Types of water-based paint for ceiling surfaces

When deciding which to choose acrylic paint, is to determine the color of the ceiling, you want to do and what the room will be painted.Today, the customer is provided a large selection of colors, different composition and consistency, intended for dry rooms and for rooms with high humidity, such as a bath or a sweeper.Most often, the store offers a snow-white matte acrylic paint for the ceiling.Also, the color of the ceiling sometimes make the usual white or milky white.However, if desired, you can add special color scheme to get the right color (for tinting paints Group B).And sometimes sold finished in shades of a certain brand of acrylic paints.There are glossy and matte paint for ceiling surfaces.The first type is best to use under the conditions that the ceiling is colored.If the choice fell on the white surface, the ceiling will allow the haze hide defects, give creaminess.Paint of course not be able to hide the rough ceiling defects.Glossy paints are more resistant to abrasion and to clean better than matte.However, the gloss of paint applied to a wall.If you want to combine these two types, choose a semi-matt or semigloss paint.Well proven latex paints, the main difference between viscosity material, which is very necessary for ceilings made of plasterboard or slabs progress.

Manufacturers acrylic paints

main rule when choosing a paint brand - is its coating properties and wear resistance, each manufacturer makes their graduation by groups and classes.An important moment of consumption of ink per square mater as budget savings.

To ceiling is no need to buy paint with a large class of abrasion, it is better to pay attention to the crack-resistance (ink viscosity)

It can be difficult to determine when a huge range of paint products to buy to suit the price and quality.Well-known brands are considered to be "the Dulux" and "Tex" paint "Tikkurila's' - Finland the country," Sniezka "- Polish factory and« Caparol »- Germany.While most paints produced in Russia already.

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feature of this paint is its vapor permeability, allowing the ceiling surface, so to speak, to "breathe".Characteristics of her, however, is not impressive: consumption of one layer - 4 square meters per liter of paint.But fast drying time: approximately 40 minutes.Price Universal acrylic paint for the ceiling of the brand "Tex" varies from 500 to 600 rubles for 7 liters.This is a relatively cost-effective option.


paint advantage you can call it anti bactericidal ability, as well as a wide range of colors and shades.Therefore it is well suited for painting the ceiling of the nursery.Feature «Dulux» acrylic paint consumption is 14 square meters per 1 liter, is used to dry rooms, dry for two - four hours.The price of this paint: 500 rubles.Very good price for quality products.Wonderful shades belezny.


This paint is resistant matte color, which allows good cover even one layer of the entire surface of the ceiling, concealing irregularities.Main characteristics: Flow rate - 6.10 square meters per liter, dries within 2 hours.The price for its 0.9-liter - about 300 rubles.Very popular Euro 2 and Euro 7.


One of the most popular colors.The advantage is its durability and color fastness.Characteristics of water-based paint for the ceiling «Caparol»: consumption - 0.12 liters / square meter, the drying time at room temperature - up to 6 hours.Its price is very high - in the range of 800 rubles per liter.Not everyone can afford to buy the paint, but the quality and durability of the stand.


Consumers have long appreciated the quality of the paint.The distinctive ability is its water resistance, as well as «Sniezka» well kept on all surfaces and retains the texture color.This acrylic paint is hypoallergenic and eco-friendly structure.Its consumption amounts to 1 kg per 6 square meters, and drying for four hours.The price of this wonderful paint for 1.4 kg - about 400-500 rubles.If you still can not decide which to choose acrylic paints, it is better to stop on the Polish producer of factory «Sniezka».Firstly, it has become a leader among the other colors, and secondly, the reasonable price and, thirdly, meets all the criteria for the selection of acrylic paint to ceiling surfaces.