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August 12, 2017 18:08

What is the anchor , the main types of anchors


  • 1 The main types of anchors
  • 2 Drop-in anchor made of brass, steel
  • 3 Wedge anchor with nut
  • 4 Rod clamps
  • 5 Anchors PFG
  • 6 Brass anchor MSA
What is anchor anchors photos , views What is the anchor, anchor types.

Should I attach anything on the nail to the concrete wall?Or there are any more effective ways of fixing?These and other questions will be answered this article, which talks about the current test fixtures - anchors, look at what the anchor is and what are the types of anchors.Assortment of anchors on the market is represented by an innumerable multitude of different modifications, for example: bladed anchor the KA, Drop anchor LAH, rod anchor RU, rod-shaped anchor TA, bolt tie RA, mortgage anchor SORMAT, DRIVA, brass anchor the MSA, anchors MTA KWm, PFG, OLA, etc.

During the finishing, repair, or construction work to do without fixing devices is impossible.These may be screws or nails, that is, devices that are themselves directly, without any further details and are able to bind materials to w

ithstand the corresponding load.Apply can be the sheets of drywall, wood or delicate items made of metal, locking, which occurs between the simple fasteners and base enough to effectively consolidate and perceptions relating to the design, loads.

However, if the base is made of stone, concrete or brick and has a large (compared to lighter materials) hardness, the use of this attachment will not be able to solve arising problems.To see this, it is simple enough to try to hammer a nail into a wall of concrete, and will be immediately understood the validity of this statement.

anchor translates from German as "anchor", and this name fully explain the principle of its operation.The fastening element is fastened to the main array is not directly, but with the use of anchors or anchors, which are created in order to display the desired clutch torque.The conclusion is that it is extremely difficult to carry out a specific separation between Fixing Technology.We've got the view that the dowel or anchor is the part that any (chemical or mechanical) way improves bonding between the core product that you want to attach and the base.To the level at which these elements are able to transfer the load placed on them.In general, the anchor is an anchor lighter species.

The main types of anchors

field of application of anchors during construction is the mounting of heavy structures.During repair work in the apartment anchorage is used mainly for fixing window and door frames, if you attach suspended ceilings, and also the installation of chandeliers and lamps.Now it is clear that such an anchor, move on to the type and place of use with photo examples.

Drop-in anchor made of brass, steel

Drop-in anchor photo knock in anchors LA, LAH.This is the easiest type of anchor that has an internal thread.Used for mounting in stone, brick or concrete structures.Inserted into the pre-drilled hole of the desired diameter and depth.The opening for this type of anchors (as for all others) should be pre-cleaned.Once inserted into the anchor hole, it expands special device, whereby the desired degree of coupling is achieved.In the wake of this anchor is screwed into a suitable threaded fasteners.The same applies to this type of anchor MTA, which is used for substrates having interior cavity.

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Wedge anchor with nut

Wedge anchors photos Wedge anchors KA.There are manufactured using different technologies and come in elektrotsinkovannymi KA, acid-KAH, and Hot dip galvanized KAK.Equipped with a special blade that during installation expands and is fixed in the hole.Allows Through pivoted mounted on the base material.Inserted into the prepared hole, is driven with a hammer and tighten the usual key.For products of this type include screw anchors RAR - stainless steel, or RA - elektrotsinkovanny.These types of anchors are equipped with recessed screw head.This allows their use in fastening of door and window frames.In the process of tightening the screws anchoring the blade is securely fixed in the mounting hole.

Rod clamps

Rod clamps photo Rod retainer RU operate on the principle of the wedge anchor is made to install a few tiles and insulating layers.An additional quality of such products is the ability to make its installation at a slight angle to the surface.The method of fixing the nest expanding wedge is also used in the construction of the anchor rod TA.This product, equipped with an internal thread, complete with the rod, which can be trimmed if necessary to bring it to the desired length, can be used to attach the multiple layers of materials.After plugging in the anchor fastening hole, fixed element secured to the rod using a nut and washers.

Anchors PFG

Anchors PFG photo Anchors PFG equipped with an internal thread, and in the course of twisting in their plug-in parts are expanded and locked effectively in the nest.Anchor PFG can be used in combination with the IR plugs into the bolt, bolt with hook head AK, conical screw VR, equipped with bolt loop SR or having false sleeves IHH, IH.This anchor is used for work with solid bases.

Brass Anchor MSA

Brass Anchor MSA photo constructive basis for this type of anchor is concrete, stone or brick.Brass sleeve anchor of the MSA is equipped with an internal cavity having a conical shape (with the thread), which gradually tapers to the tip.With this restriction, in the process of tightening the screw sleeve expands and tightly fixed its not smooth walls inside the mounting hole made in the ground.