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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to choose a self-leveling floor is right and what?


  • 1 There are several types of liquid linoleum:
  • 2 precautions when working with self-leveling floor:
How to choose a floor filler photos Useful tips for choosing the self-leveling floor.

Nowadays flooring - by the thousand.One of the curious of them - it's liquid linoleum, ie floors, which is poured in the literal sense!Outwardly, this floor is similar to a conventional linoleum, but when you touch the surface, it looks like smooth tiles.Liquid linoleum has a large range of colors, it is smooth, without seams - perfect for a quick repair of the apartment.Scientifically speaking, self-leveling floor - it's seamless flooring.

There are several types of liquid linoleum:

  1. methyl methacrylate
  2. Epoxy
  3. Cement-acrylic
  4. Polyurethane.

for residential buildings is only the fourth type, the rest are used for industrial premises.Also, self-leveling floors are the original decorative "effect" - the newly bathed coating can be applied to the colored particles of acrylic paint.Liquid linoleum with particles, called by

the people "chips", is similar to marble, granite and other materials.Also, many do so: the image you want to transfer photos to a special film that is glued to the linoleum liquid and subsequently filled with a transparent polymer that looks very, very impressive!

Such a coating of course, has its pros and cons.And if you draw a parallel between the PVC - linoleum, laminate, ceramic tile and linoleum liquid, the advantages of the latter more!This durability, moisture resistance, unpretentiousness in climatic conditions, higher strength and lack of seams eliminates the possibility of such a coating on bacteria and parasites.

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main disadvantages - obsolescence, deformation and external changes under UV illumination, the difficulties of the bay, preparing the substrate, it is very difficult, if necessary, to remove linoleum from the base, the artificial material and the climatebase control.But if you flood the liquid linoleum correctly, the admiration of it will make you forget about these shortcomings!

Liquid linoleum sold "per kilogram".The average market price of self-leveling floor in Russia- 10-17 dollars abroad - 20-30 dollars, in the CIS countries - 13-15 dollars.Such different price chart is set due to the fact that abroad this kind malorasprostranen than for example in Eastern Europe.Also, it depends on the product provider and price standards of each country.

precautions when working with self-leveling floor:

works by pouring polyurethane self-leveling floor should be done in the room in which it is possible airing.Also, you should be wary of getting the solution on the exposed skin.It is recommended to wear gloves and goggles.

Now let's talk about sex prevalence of liquid, which he is.Usually it is used in cafes, airports and facilities at the stadiums.These are the most common sites of application of liquid linoleum.Of course there are numerous other places are not as well-known as the above, so judge the popularity of liquid floor, looking at these data, it is impossible, because there is taken into account only the most numerous and large objects.

important to know that such coverage is sold as a one-component and two-component .First sold already in solution, the second consists of a hardener and filler.Many people recommend the second option, because it allows you to mix the components in place, and allows you to save the excess solution for the future!You must comply with only one condition - they must be stored only in a sealed container, as even the slightest access to the substance hardens air.

The cover her sex, of course you decide.But in my opinion, a liquid linoleum - the best solution for your apartment or room!