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August 12, 2017 18:08

Mineral wool characteristics , properties and application


  • 1 thermal conductivity of mineral wool
    • 1.1 Mineral wool - good sound insulation
    • 1.2 Mineral wool - tips application

Mineral wool photo high sound insulation and thermal insulation properties, as well asmoisture resistance and fire resistance products made of mineral wool in the construction of objects of various values ‚Äč‚Äčindispensable.

thermal conductivity of mineral wool

Mineral wool - a heat-insulating fibrous material, which is obtained as a result of melting of metallurgical slags, rock silicate rocks, and mixtures thereof.Because such material to produce insulating panels of construction projects, which can be used in the systems of internal and external insulation.If necessary, some types of insulation installed under tension, plasterboard or ceiling mounted.Its properties make this material an indispensable and widely used.

Because of the raw materials used for the production of wool, rock wool and slag is divided into stone.In the latter case, the rocks, such as the diabase, dolo

mite, basalt and limestone, and in the first - toxins (industrial metal waste).The raw material is subjected to excessive heat with the further formation of the mineral fibers by centrifugal or blow method.In the melt stream is carried out by centrifugal force effect, the compressed gas or steam thereby producing the finest fibers which are subsequently compressed.The resulting mineral wool has a high thermal insulation and sound insulation ability, moisture-resistant and non-flammable.

Insulating characteristics and properties based on low thermal conductivity.Orientation compacted fibers thus plays an important role: scattered arrangement ensures better insulation, however, helps to create a vertical position, while maintaining high strength plate at density.Incombustibility permits its use as a fire insulation, as products of a material sufficiently efficiently prevent flame spread and separated under its influence harmful and toxic substances.

Mineral wool - good sound insulation

Mineral wool is a good soundproofing photo Acoustic characteristics of mineral wool are also achieved due to the peculiarities of the structure of the insulation product.Between randomly arranged fibers, not created by the sound waves.Water-repellent characteristics, the material received by impregnation by special trains, which, if necessary, allows the insulation works of objects even in rainy and wet weather.

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Insulation mineral wool products used for thermal insulation of multilayer systems, among which worth mentioning external insulation of "wet" type, a heater internal structure wall (sandwich panels, three-layer reinforced concrete or concrete panels, laminatedmasonry), insulating layer in ventilated curtain facades.

On those sites, where during operation or during installation of insulation is stressed, used rigid mineral wool insulation, which are also used for thermal insulation of basements of buildings and floor systems, not only to insulate it, and significantly improving the sound insulating properties of the intermediate floors.

These boards are designed for application to surfaces without insulation screed of concrete or metal profiled sheeting.To be most effective insulation of mineral wool prevent contact with the ambient air.

Mineral mats are used for thermal insulation of coolants in road communication systems, as well as for insulation of equipment and pipelines industries.In addition, mineral wool mats are used for thermal insulation of buildings, which brought increased environmental requirements.

Mineral wool is filled sandwich panels.It fits between the walls of the panels so that the position of the fibers was vertical, which in turn gives the panels extra rigidity and provides them with increased thermal insulating qualities.

High water resistance and fire resistance, low thermal conductivity, as well as the durability of mineral wool make it an indispensable product in the device sound and thermal insulation of pipelines, industrial facilities, residential buildings, and other facilities for these properties is so popular.At the present time, mineral wool mats, plates and other products firmly occupy the first place among the efficient and environmentally friendly thermal insulation materials.

There are general rules, which experts recommend when working with such material.

Mineral wool - the use of tips

Helpful Hints application of mineral wool photo Strict adherence to the instructions on the packaging to avoid unpleasant errors and rework.Cutting of such a material is performed with a special knife.

working with such material, it is necessary to draw attention to the fact that its edges were not ruptured and frayed.

material from time to time, must be placed in several layers to obtain the desired thickness of the heat-insulating layer.

Mineral wool should be well adjacent to its surrounding structures.For the qualitative effect of the insulated space must be filled entirely.

use of this material is gaining momentum due to its beneficial properties and characteristics, being implemented in many stages of repair of an apartment with his hands.