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August 12, 2017 18:08

Gypsum plaster - advantages, features

Gypsum plaster walls, advantages, features Before gluing wallpaper or paint the ceiling and walls, the use of this material will provide an opportunity to smooth the differences in the levels or disguise the holes, in other words, after the finish of the material you'll hang wallpaper on a flat surface.

Advantages of plaster

plaster intended for initial alignment of surfaces.Due to the thick layer during application it will help you fix a very noticeable irregularities, as well as help to disguise almost any wall defects.To select the level of the wall surface must be applied gypsum plaster with special attention paid to those places where the wall collapses back.

plaster of gypsum is a pure product even from an environmental point of view, this blend is made in a fully natural gypsum material.From this comes the conclusion that the plaster does not release nor any harmful substances that could harm human health or harm the environment.

The main advantage of this material is its porosity.

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Gypsum has an advantage over cement especially as a basis for the plaster, and all because the plaster has pores.This property helps it breathe walls, and through these pores out steam and moisture.If done right, the natural ventilation provided in your home will be a balanced microclimate.

Let us open another of the unique properties of gypsum plaster porosity.Introducing the situation that your neighbors who live on top, you have flooded.Usually, the person who finds this immediately runs to him swear.If you have a plaster on the wall, then you after a couple of days and did not say that there was a wet spot.That quarrel with his neighbor will not have to.For more information about the different types of plaster can be found in the article how to choose the plaster.

Among porous plaster structure improves noise insulation and thermal conductivity of these qualities are of particular relevance in the use of panel-type houses.Note further very important advantage of the enormous number of pores, the walls of which is finished with this mixture, and after some time the wall does not lose its original appearance.

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