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August 12, 2017 18:08

Types of sealants , the right choice , properties


  • 1 Types of sealants and their properties
  • 2 Features quick and correct operation of the sealant

Types of sealants , the right choice , the properties of the sealant Any sealant is a complex composition of the polymeric materials used to seal and sealing seats articles connections.They are made basically based rubbers, which allows them to be flexible.Another quite significant property sealants - a high adhesion to a wide range of materials, from wood to iron.Here is needed the right choice and the site of the apartment with his hands Repair will help to understand what's what.

vulcanizing under the influence of moisture, heat and catalysts to change the viscous plasticity elastic rubbery state.

Non-drying by heating are flowing and viscous, softened.Upon cooling, they again changed to the original firm.

Drying sealants during operation, as a rule, are elastic, resembling rubber state, but in the case of exposure to the solvent, they immediately liquefy vyazkotekuschee state.

One component ready to use in the form in which stores.If they

are two-component, be sure to mix before use.

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Types of sealants and their properties

By polymer which is in the basis of composition, distinguished silicone , polyurethane , hybrid MS - polymers , siliconized , thiokol , acrylic , bitumen , butyl sealants .

Each type has its own specific characteristics, strengths and weaknesses.

Silicone sealants are universal , have high performance over a wide temperature range.However, not painted and have a high price.

Polyurethane have high adhesion to building materials, but are destroyed by exposure to UV rays.

Hybrid used for inter-panel seal seams have high adhesion.

Thiokol - with a high quality, difficult to use.

Acrylic sealants have a high adhesion, but not elastic and are afraid moisture.

Bituminous good for waterproofing, but are afraid of high temperatures

Butyl most often used for sealing glazing.They have a high vapor permeability, but have a low tensile strength when exposed to low temperatures.

Features quick and correct operation of the sealant

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