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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to choose brick for house construction


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How to choose brick for house construction Following uncomplicated advice, you can determine the quality before buying.So, what we need to know about it and how to choose it?High-quality, well burnt brick has a reddish-brown hue which becomes more saturated in the core, with the impact of such brick will ring.Meanwhile, if it is burnt through, it is possible to identify the middle of the dark and fused edges.This material is not recommended for use in the construction of the wall, only for the foundation.Unburned brick has a mustard color when hit by it, the sound is muffled.This material is not crymophylactic and moreover, afraid of water.For facing brick facade of the house is better to take from one party that guarantees the identity of his painting.

Secrets of the correct choice

save on the purchase of building materials, can be early spring, when it comes a seasonal decline in prices.When buying ask the sellers of quality certificates and other

documents, the absence of which the purchase should be abandoned, since it is possible that a brick does not meet the quality standards provided for in Russia.According to the rules established by standards, it is divided into 8 values, depending on its strength - from M300 to M75.The marking indicates the maximum load which can sustain the construction of brick.For low-rise buildings is fine brand M100-150.Brick is also divided on the degree of hardiness.frost level denoted by the letters "MDE".Frost resistance is measured in cycles.For the middle band Russia is advisable to use a material having frost resistance not less than 30-50 cycles.To ensure the safety of heat exterior walls should be at least 64 cm thick.If you plan to combine brick domestic production with imports, it should be remembered that the Russian standards in many respects different from those of Europe, keep this in mind when choosing.

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The composition is allowed inclusion of a small amount of lime materials, it will not be a violation of the requirements of GOST.Such inclusions occur as a result of poor crushing limestone, hereinafter them picks up moisture, they increase in volume and appear on the surface spalling.Bricks with a chip depth of 6 mm or more are considered to be defective, it is not recommended to use for facade design a brick.

Enemy beautiful brick facade are also efflorescence - white streaks and spots that appear in the operation of the building.To avoid them, you need to follow some rules from the site repair of an apartment with his hands: for masonry use only dense solution, to prevent them from getting to the front side of brick, masonry walls do not perform in the rain.

If you happen to choose the bricks to build a house, it will be beautiful and durable, able to last for a long time, you and your descendants.Good luck in the construction and equipping!

online calculator brick count

type of masonry: VyberiteKladka 0.5 kirpichaKladka 1 kirpichKladka 1.5 kirpichaKladka 2 kirpichaKladka 2.5 brick
brick Size: Single (250x120x65 mm) Bastard (250x120x88 mm) Double (250x120x138 mm)
area wall: m2
calculate: c light of mortar joint thickness of the mortar joint account 5mmbez
consumption of bricks:
solution consumption: