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August 12, 2017 18:08

Magnet to stop the Mercury meter


  • 1 What electricity meters stop magnet
  • 2 Rules magnet mounting
  • 3 Stop the meter Mercury
  • 4 magnet selection table by name elektroschetschika
    • 4.1 What countersstops neodymium magnet
  • 5 place and method of installation of a neodymium magnet electric
  • 6 safety
  • 7 Video on stopping counters Mercury and Nick

Question energy saving is highly relevant today.The method is more than enough, including illegal.This article focuses on how to stop electricity meter with a magnet.The process of installing the magnet requires special attention and knowledge of the rules fixing.In case of improper installation of the cylinder to the device, it is likely damage to the device either in part or in whole.This and similar errors can expose an attempt to save money and be required to pay a fine.

What electricity meters stop magnet

To stop the meter uses a neodymium magnet having a large force of gravity, which makes it different from all the others.It is this magnet, you can

stop almost any meter.Using a similar problem for this magnet with similar properties (e.g., magnetic hard disk), to achieve a particular result is unrealistic.Installing a neodymium magnet electric meter has its own quirks, which for non-compliance, the desired result of this installation will not be achieved.Next will be considered the proper installation techniques and aspects that should be addressed.counter magnet

Talking about what electricity meters can be stopped neodymium magnet , must be borne in mind that the induction electric meters stop magnet without any difficulty.The problem arises from electronic meters.These counters can be stopped only if they are hybrid.In this case, the counter mechanism in which mechanical stop which can be a magnet.Electronic meters with LCD display can not be practically stop.In some cases, by using neodymium magnet of large size LCD display counters can be slowed by about 10%.In addition, if the counter is in electronic switching power supply, a powerful magnetic field can damage it, which is why the electricity bill is stopped altogether.

rules fixing magnet

  1. Given the power of the magnet, it is necessary to make allowances for the fact that it can deform the housing meter.So first you need to decide how to stop the counter magnet.The force of attraction it should be sufficient to stop the account, and is not too large for the safety of the device.In any case, before installation of the magnet should be wrapped with a thick cloth.magnet
  1. not going far from the first rule, consider what kind of a magnet is needed to stop the meter.It uses magnets weighing between 60 and 100 kilograms for single-phase and three-phase meters, respectively.
  1. In order to stop or slow down the drive in induction meters, the magnet is typically placed over the dial.But to know exactly where to install the magnet on the electric meter is not possible.Therefore, it is likely that the installation of a magnet on top of the dial can not give any results.In this case the effective position of the magnet must be sought experimentally.
  1. Sometimes there is a possibility of a strong skew counter mechanism at applying the magnet top.And if the rack that is secured counting mechanism is broken, the result of energy savings will be zero, if not negative.Such an electric meter with broken pillars will no longer function normally.Therefore, putting a magnet on top, you should pay attention to the behavior of the counter mechanism.In identifying the strong slope, it is necessary to change the location of the magnet.Most often, the imbalance is minimal, if set the magnet directly over the counter mechanism, on its front part.

should not be given full greed.Abuse of stopping the electricity is very dangerous.Periodically, the magnet should be removed in order to avoid failure of performance.

Moreover, strange object attached to the counter, without a doubt, will cause suspicion among civil service employees.Therefore, attaching the magnet is necessary to pay attention to its visibility and, as far as possible, to disguise it.

also possible induction disk jamming after removing the magnet.In this case, will not strong hand tapping the body.

magnet In order to not collect the garbage and it was easier to work with him, Wrap it.

Stop the meter Mercury

As an example, consider the installation of a neodymium magnet for such counters Mercury models 201, 202 and 203. The stop electricity meter IEC 2102 magnet is also possible

Mercury-201 operates in single-phase networks and hashigh accuracy in the readings.Also, it has a built-in protection against reverse polarity, that will stop theft of electricity.To stop this model, require neodymium magnet dimensions 50h20 mm.Fixing is carried out on the meter casing, which avoids interference in the internal construction of the device and bypass the protection against reverse polarity.

similar process stops the counter and Mercury-202, which also operates in single-phase networks.It has the ability to connect to a system of automatic data removal.In this case, you will need the same neodymium magnet 50h20 mm cylindrical shape, which is mounted on the enclosure.

Mercury-203 - a similar, but more upgraded model of electricity Mercury.Not only keeps records of electricity consumption, but also supports the maintenance of the control power supply.To stop this you will need a counter magnet dimensions 45h25.Set the object you need to the front panel of the device, close to the very mechanism of the account.

magnet selection table by name elektroschetschika

For convenience, you can translate a kilo joule / m3 (kJ / m3), in a clear kollogramm-force (kgf), the rate of 1kDzh / m3 = 0.1 kg.The value is calculated by the separation of the magnet from a smooth steel sheet thickness of at least 1 cm in the direction perpendicular to the surface.

What counter stops neodymium magnet

All induction (electromechanical) and electronic meters with mechanical scoreboard subject neodymium magnet.There is evidence that some of the fully electronic meters, the magnet slows down by 10 - 15%, information forums and have no reliable evidence.Below is a table which presents what is needed to stop the magnet of a meter.

Widget from SocialMart
Mark counter magnet options
Actaris SL7000 (ACE7000)
Actaris SL7000 (ACE8000)
BARS1.111.53S3 50x30
60 × 30
BARS 1.111 60x30
BARS 1.113 60x30
BARS 1.111D2
50x30 60 × 30
Vector.1 70x40
Delta.8010 50x30
60 × 30
1.15 Cascade (Cascade 2.0) 45h30
LE 1101 45h30
Lao 50x30
micronSEA-1.15 (1F) 45h30
Micron-PN-3A 50x30
Meridian ESR-1.02 45h30
Meridian LTE 45h30
Meridian ESR-1.02 45h30
Mercury-230AM 50x30
Mercury-231 AM-01 50x30
Mercury 201 50h20
50x30 high load
Mercury 201.5 (1F) 45h30
50x30 high load
Mercury-202.5 50h20
50x30 high load
Neva 303 (3F)
Neva 101.1SO
50x30 60x30
high load
NIK-2301 (2102/04)
Rostock SB-5000.
Rostock ESR-5020.
Rostock SA4E-5030.
Rostock CT EA05D1.
Rostock CT EA08D.

50x30 60x30 high load
SA_4 I198
SA_4 199 (V) -372M


SB 505
SB I446
SB I449
SB 197M


70x50 high load

wITH EA 09M2
SB EE6706 (Actaris);CO-EE6705;SET4-1M
ESR 5020N / HB / M
ESR 5028

50x30 60x30
high load

SOLO.5-60A 50x30
SKAT-101M / 1-3SHR1 50x30
STE-561 / P50-1-4M 50x30 60x30
high load
Energomera_TsE 6807P-NH4;CE 6807B-NH4
Energomera_TsE 6803V;CE 6803VM;CE 6803VM;CE 6804
50x30 60x30
high load
50x30 60x30 high load
Energoservice 50x30 60x30
high load
Here magnets disc-shaped, where the first digit - the diameter of the second - the thickness.

As can be seen from the table, neodymium magnet stops as rare and the most common models of brands such as electricity meters "Mercury" and "Energomera", but there are exceptions.

Contrary to popular belief, the possibility of this product is limited.

  1. He can not act on a fully electronic counter (which can be identified by a liquid crystal display).
  2. It will not stop the counter, the mechanism of which consists of non-magnetic material (plastic, some non-ferrous metals, some steel, ceramics, glass, etc.)
  3. It is highly likely to bring down the clock counter (meter with pulse sourcepower).

place and method of installation of a neodymium magnet Electric

Since the magnet acts on the mechanical parts of the device, therefore, it must be put in close proximity to such.It should take into account the location of the gears and wheels inside the device, and to comply with security measures.

  • Positioning magnet should be fixed across the axis of the fixing of mechanical components, but parallel
    Super Strong magnets for counter

    Proper installation

    but mechanical forces acting on the knot.

  • Do not install the product without a protective pad, so as not to damage the housing counter.
  • Avoid sticking a magnet to metal surface (such as a box in which the meter is installed).
  • Do not store the product in close proximity to consumer electronics, mechanical and electronic watches, cell phones, bank cards, magnetic data carriers (devices can come into disrepair).

Example of proper installation of a neodymium magnet.On the disk count, you need to install the product on top of the disc.


power of magnets is great, so allowing a minor error during the installation of a neodymium magnet electric meter, you can be faced with very significant unpleasant consequences.

  • Neodymium magnets, like all metals conduct electricity.We must keep this in mind when working with electricity meter.
  • Such magnets are brittle.Small impacts can crack it.And because of the magnetic field lines, the pieces will fly with decent speed in different directions, which can lead to injury.
  • Many items, the principle of which is based on the magnetic waves may be demagnetized and damaged while being close to the magnetic cylinder.
  • search neodymium magnets on the basis of take out boxes and scrap metal from the bottom of rivers and lakes.Setting item on the counter, you should keep this in mind and to keep other small metal objects at a distance.The rate at which metal objects are attracted considerable probability of injury is very high, if you are on the attraction line.
  • Sometimes you can not just stop the electric meter neodymium magnet and induction drive and force to rotate in the opposite direction that displays readings in the "plus".The chances of exposure are not in such a case is extremely small.Therefore, when using a magnet, it is necessary to pay attention to the counter and to compare them with the previous ones.

Handle with magnet it has a great power of attraction as a result, you can injure your fingers.

This is all information that may be needed in order to save on electricity.With a suitable magnet and possessing knowledge of how and where it needs to be attached, you can stop almost any meter, based on the work of which is the mechanical part of the bill.

material is for information only and is not an instruction for action.Be aware of these activities are illegal.

Video on stopping counters Mercury and Nick