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August 12, 2017 18:08

What is the final finishing apartments, milestones


  • 1 concept finishing
  • 2 Advantages and disadvantages of finishing flats
  • 3 Procedure finishing works
    • 3.1 Ceilings
    • 3.2 Walls
    • 3.3 Floors
    • 3.4 Electrical and plumbing

When buying a home you need to know what the final finishing of the apartment.The knowledge of this concept will make the right choice and do not regret the purchase later.Also, if you already bought the home you plan to repair their own hands, too, need to be aware of all the terms and definitions, to communicate with specialists in one language.

concept finishing

To understand what a fine finish flat, it should be recalled, as a general make repairs.If simplistically divide the process into three stages, the roughing and goes Predchistovaya before final finishing.

  • When roughing the surface finish is not yet ready for the finishing coat, perhaps even in the house no partition walls;
  • Predchistovaya finishing apartment implies a partition wall, smooth surface, ready for the final layer;
  • Fine finishing - this is the final layer, that the tenants will see in front of their eyes for years.
rough finish

Rough finish flat

Fine finishing

Fine finishing apartments

Advantages and disadvantages of finishing flats

when buying an apartment with a fine finish, you can use the following advantages:

  • can immediately take root inhousing - all sockets, switches and plumbing are already connected and working, the room looks comfortable, we can only make and arrange the furniture;
  • This renovated apartment is made in all the rooms, so a few years do not have to think about cosmetic restorations.

And, like any object, fine finish has its drawbacks:

  • apartment with a fine finish is not subject to global changes.If even need to change something to your taste, you have to spend on this significant funds and effort than if the alteration was carried out when roughing or Predchistovaya;
  • When building a house, or the production of repair apartments have been admitted some flaws and violations of technology, it will be harder to find them, if you have already made a fine finish;
  • These flats are more expensive and the repair is questionable.

Procedure finishing works

When purchasing bullion or Predchistovaya housing, the final finish will have to do yourself.To do this, create a work plan of action.

The work should start with the dirtiest work, or wet and keep it from top to bottom, ie the ceiling, walls and floor.The electrical connection (sockets and switches), and plumbing (faucets and devices) should be carried out at the end.

If you plan some hidden communication, they must be routed to the finishing.

Before you begin the final process of repair, it should be understood that such Predchistovaya swollen apartments.Obviously, that's how it was done and what materials were used for this purpose, will affect the quality of the finishing.If pedchistovaya processing performed for a long time or of substandard materials, then it is better to convert.


the production of finishing the ceiling apartments will be on the first line.

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  • Stretch ceilings;: For its coverage the following materials and technologies can be used
  • Ceilings of plasterboard;
  • Surface finishing putty;
  • painting.

apartment for finishing - it is a complete home, so the ceiling must be smooth and beautiful.According to state standards, it should not deviate from the horizontal by more than 15 mm.If minor deviations, it is possible to align them with the help of plaster.If the deviation is greater, then align useless.Then it is better to use Bole radical method - plasterboard ceilings established in several tiers.It will hide the irregularities and demonstrate global designer fantasies.

Fine finishing the apartment must be driven at a high quality surface.Therefore, if the ceiling is already some kind of coating that has served his sentence, it must be removed.


next step - covering the walls.Wall coverings should be selected according to the operation room.

If the final finishing takes place in the bath, the toilet or the kitchen, it is necessary to choose moisture-proof materials, such as ceramic tile.If you get off the wall in the living room or bedroom, you can use the wallpaper, paint and decorative plaster.

Fine finishing of apartments in parts of the walls should also be carried out on a flat surface.If there are major flaws in the form protruding bricks or cement, got out beyond the masonry, it is possible to eliminate them by brute force, such as a hammer.Minor irregularities need to remove the plaster.

If the wall has a significant deviations in flatness, it is necessary to do similarly with the ceiling - cover it with plasterboard to hide curvature.However, this will have to sacrifice the space of the room.


Run final finishing of floors in the apartment can be a wide variety of materials:

  • Laminate;
  • Linoleum;
  • Parquet or wooden floor;
  • tile or ceramic tile.

But again, the choice needs to be done, depending on the functionality of the room.

Apartments with a fine finish usually with a coupler, which makes the surface smooth enough to create a layer of self-leveling floor.But if there is no tie, then it must be created.It is required for any floor covering.Screed floor should hide the irregularities of up to 6 cm.

Electrical and plumbing

To include electrical switches, sockets, electrical plates, wall and ceiling lighting.All of these items should be installed after the final finishing of the apartment is complete.

Similarly, it is necessary to do, and the installation of sanitary equipment - mixers, toilets, bathtubs, sinks, dryers.

the installation of electrical or plumbing must be careful not to damage the tools clean finish.