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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to get rid of the dirt on various surfaces


  • 1 Super-efficient means for removing stains from various surfaces
    • 1.1 How to remove traces of adhesive tape to any surface
    • 1.2 Removing mounting inveterate film with a plastic frame
    • 1.3 How to removespots from the ceiling?
    • 1.4 How to get rid of traces of superglue?
    • 1.5 We clear plastic window
    • 1.6 How to get rid of limescale and rust on plumbing products?
    • 1.7 How to remove mold from the wooden floors?

Each piece of furniture is important to keep clean and tidy, then it will last longer, and will please the eye of others.But the Vedas is not so shiny as it should, that's spot on the children's stickers, but the spilled ink, and what to do when there were dirt on the plastic windows and ceiling.Around the dirt and dust, and want cleanliness and comfort - the solution is.

Super-efficient means for removing stains from various surfaces

Clear the stain of "Lovely" stickers and other sticky "creations»

  1. How to remove the glue from the labels, you can try t
    o manually scrape your fingers, without using the materials at hand.
  2. with glass, wood, metal and plastic to remove the stain can be a sharp blade, completely removing adhesive residue.
  3. If the results remained poor, then come to the aid detergent.the adhesive can be removed this way from nakleyki.Kto does not want to mess with the chemistry, you can try to use olive oil, white vinegar or peanut liqueur.Due to environmental and safety of such funds can not be afraid to damage delicate surfaces.
  4. How to remove the label from the plastic?Stubborn stains without stronger substances do not win, it will be at the time of isopropyl alcohol, nail polish remover, for removing grease and other synthetic solvents.Before using them, it is desirable to carefully read the instructions and try their effect on small areas, so as not to damage the entire surface.
  5. How to remove stickers from the refrigerator, you can try to soak in warm soapy water, and then clean with a damp cloth and wipe dry with a towel.
  6. Barcodes easily cleaned with hot air dryer, it concerns ware, porcelain, automobile, decorative items.
  7. How to remove the sticker from plastic mozhnovspomnit school eraser, which perfectly removes chronic marks on smooth surfaces sticky.
  8. modern means - melamine sponge removes such contamination with vinyl wallpaper without damaging their integrity and appearance.

How to remove traces of adhesive tape to any surface

cleaner scotch

method of "like cures", glued to the surface of another piece of scotch tape and a sharp movement is removed.If that fails, then we understand more how to clean the window from Scotch , spot that has long since dried up and can not be detachment.It can be applied to the traces of something fat, such as butter or vegetable oil, and the remnants of dry material to clean kitchen sponge.

How to remove the double sided tape? Nail polish remover can easily cope with this problem, but here on the wooden lacquer ware or better, this method does not apply.It is suitable dry spray or eraser for removing sticky spots «Label Remover».

How to remove an adhesive tape to the furniture? A safer way is to heat the surface of the hair dryer and scrub swab dipped in vegetable oil.Essential oils do not remove stains from the tape, but it is possible ubratkleykovinu, and after already erased zagryazneniyamikrofibroy.
How to remove an adhesive tape with plastic, this can be done in several ways:

1. White alcohol or refined petrol, moistened swab and rub the damaged area.

2. the Kitchen gel and dish detergent.

3. Using window cleaner "Mr Muscle".Spot soaked for a few minutes and after wiped cloth.

Removing long-standing mounting frame with a plastic film

best tool to remove the old film frame - steam cleaner, you can take an ordinary Karcher and under the hot jets soften the material and remove traces of contamination clean dry towel waffle.Sticky residue perfectly scrubbed nail polish remover, here's how to remove the film from steklalegko and safely.

How to remove stains from the ceiling?

Over time, the snow-white ceiling may cease to delight the eye landlord.Serving a variety of spots that sometimes oppress and do not give rest cleanly housewives.Stop!To clean the surface you need the following materials:

  • roller;
  • white paint;
  • putty.

first removed the dust from the ceiling, primed and painted over after complete drying oil paint traces.Often after the first painting yellow stains still show through, so you need to treat contamination with bleach and paint over again.After such simple procedures ceiling becomes fresh and clean, ready to delight households every minute.

How to get rid of traces of superglue?

The cold cured, the material brings a lot of inconvenience, especially when it sticks to the hands, new furniture, a seating area or desk surface.In such cases do not always come to mind common method of purification "sticky-ended", but it is not recommended to scrape off and rub your fingers on nazhdachku.

precaution work to superglue gloves, but if you have already suffered a similar embarrassment, then you need to put your hands greasy cream, hold for 10-15 minutes and rinse with warm water and soap.

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If stain remains on the carpet, it can be removed with a tool to remove the fat, rub the brush after soaking and a variety of chemical compounds to a hard surface cleaner "Contact", "Anticlea" as well as the well-known domestic remedy "Dimexidum", which can be bought in any drugstore for "hat crackers."Apply toxic solvents to be careful, after use should be wiped cleaned with a damp cloth place.

Plastic products can be sprinkled with glass cleaner and wipe dry with a microfiber.

We clear plastic window

After the improvement of living conditions, namely the installation of plastic windows should really care about cleanliness and neatness use of these devices.But if suddenly during repair paint got on the window, then do not despair, it can easily be removed by chemical or solvent means nail polish remover.

Attention: before cleaning , plastic window is required to examine carefully the compositions of cleaning agents, so as not to damage the integrity of the structure.

How to remove the sticker from the glass, you can certainly try popular method is vegetable oil, put it in the dirt and after 20 minutes, wipe the glass clean with a paper towel.

plaster with glass easy to clean ordinary soap and water, even if after the first time did not work, do not despair.More perseverance and everything will be just a pure mirror.

Before you remove the sticker from the glass, it is necessary to put on the spot cooking oil and hold 20 minutes.Only then begin to rub the sponge or microfiber.

Warning: can not be used on glass, abrasives, and even more cutting items.Scratched surface can hardly something to hide!

Remove dirt embankment, window sill profiles can be special cleaners «COSMOFEN», MAFIX (PVC Cleaner), etc.Just do not hold to, because these products have the properties to penetrate the PVC structure and destroy it from within.

How to clean windows films that have left footprints after taking off, cleaned with soap and water, but it takes time to spot resorbed and left without any mechanical impact on them.

To quickly remove the film from the plastic windows , can use special cleaner "Kosmofen" plastic, but is a potent and dangerous to human health means.

How to get rid of limescale and rust on plumbing products?

Such attacks on the sink, the shower can not only spoil the neat appearance, but also damage the product.There are many ways to remove unpleasant traces of rust folk ways.

lemon juice with baking soda ready to create miracles, we must liberally lubricate the area with consistency and leave for 40-50 minutes.After abrade with a sponge and wash with warm water.

Vinegar works much better than lemon, effectively combats stuffy spots of rust and lime stone.It is necessary to attach to the contaminated sites sponge soaked abundantly given liquid and leave for half an hour.After that, clean the stain with a stiff brush, perfect unnecessary toothbrush.If plaque is not going away, it is necessary to add vinegar 3 tablespoons of baking soda.

Modern cleaners are very toxic, but their use is easy and simple.The spot disappears right before our eyes, leaving no trace of its former troubles.But we need to be extremely careful when using chemical compounds, wear gloves and a gauze bandage.

Using the methods described above your plumbing will radiate brilliance and clarity for many years, with regular data cleansing surfaces.

How to remove mold from the wooden floors?

Hardwood floors are beautiful and practical, but what do you do when the mold "found a way" to your home?

  1. Miraculous soap solution will remove the stain for a few minutes, when it is necessary to wipe the floor with a foam sponge and the surface is thoroughly dry.
  2. also used linen otbelitel, chlorine effectively eliminates fungal plaque.However, at high concentrations the substance can leave white marks on the floor.
  3. sandpaper fine grain used for cleaning hard deducing spots after polishing on the surface of the floor is necessary to apply a protective varnish of the same brand as the color of flooring or use akvalak water-based.

methods that will help you get rid of mold and mildew can be in this article.

Let your world will be cleaner and more comfortable, but these tips will help to eliminate minor troubles on those around you of the interior details.