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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to prepare the old apartment for the winter

How to prepare the old apartment for the winter That in cold winter season in the apartment or the house was warm enough to have a hot battery.If housing is not insulated, then the cost of utility services will increase significantly.Therefore, you should thoroughly prepare for the winter and spend complex works, allowing to keep the heat in the apartment.

to prepare the old apartment for the winter you will need:
- vapor sealing materials;
- insulation materials;
- additional doors;
- silicone sealant or glazing.

1 to keep the heat in the apartment, take care of the insulation of the walls, floor and ceiling.If you live in an apartment high-rise building, then slide the inner workings.Will fit a flat insulating materials outside the building does not allow the department of architecture and urban planning.

2 For internal insulation, remove all decoration materials, zashpatlyuyte wall obtyanite their steam insulating material over the make insulation.Thermal insulation materials are presented in the field of trade in a wide range.Choose the on

es that will take away the least of your living space.Bulk materials appropriate to produce the outer insulation, but due to the fact that high-rise buildings, it is unacceptable, use insulation for interior work.

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3 On heaters fasten drywall and make the finishing work.Do not forget that the insulation of the walls should be just warm and the floor to the ceiling.This is not necessary in that case, if you live on the middle floors, above you and heated apartments are under you.Seal the gap using a sealant.Derevoplitu extra bed or carpet.

4 After enjoy a warming of walls of windows.The most expensive option - is to order a triple-glazed windows.If you are going to invest a lot of money, buy a silicone sealant, and close up all cracks, plug box using a warming tape and seal with tape or paper.If you live in an old house, then remove the window sills and Insulate voids beneath them.Sometimes even that is enough to keep the heat in the apartment, since the houses built under Khrushchev, under the sills are voids that when removing the window sills can be repaired with mineral wool.

5 If your apartment has an old heating system, replace it.Make the replacement pipe and the battery before you spend painting and decorating the walls of insulation after the completion of the work.This can be done with the help of experts from the housing department.

6 If you have the ability to insert the double doors.This will allow to preserve the warm air in the apartment, especially if your apartment is located on the lower floors, and the family has children of school age who are constantly on the move and have a lot of friends, constantly coming and going.

7 Integrated insulation works will allow you to save 50% of the heat in the cold season.