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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to insert a glass window

How to insert a glass window Insert a broken pane of glass in a simple wooden frame can be on their own.If the transom is in a remote place, it is best to start to remove it from its hinges and put on a horizontal surface.When contacting the glass with care.Do not lay it flat on the floor so you do not accidentally come.Leaning against glass wall, throw in it a bright cloth or newspaper.

to insert the glass of the window you will need:
- window glass;
- Roulette;
- bead;
- a chisel;
- hammer;
- silicone sealant;
- Building pistol;
- pliers;
- a sharp knife;
- hacksaw.

1 Wear thick leather or cotton gloves.When working with glass is necessary to protect the hands from accidental cuts.

2 Generously paste on the surface of the glass cracked pieces of adhesive tape, masking tape or duct tape.Expand on the windowsill a few sheets of newspaper, so as not to scratch the paint.

3 Now you need to clean off or remove the putty bead, depending on what kind of fixture in the glass in the frame.Putty scrape sharp knife or thin screwdriv

er.To remove it in places where it is dried up and hardened, tap the handle of a knife or a screwdriver with a hammer.You can soften the putty hot air from a hair dryer or a soldering iron.Carnations or studs pull out with pliers.Fillet remove, carefully hooking it with a screwdriver or chisel.

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4 Remove the broken glass from the frame.Pre-lay on the floor or on the table a sheet of newspaper, fold the glass splinters in them.Wrap and take out the trash.

5 Strip wooden folds in the window frame until smooth.You do not need to hang around the wreckage of the nails, ridge of tubercles or wood putty burrs.Work chisel, file and pliers.

6 Remove the dimensions of the glass.Measure the internal quantities of purified rebate.Subtract 3 mm from each size.This must be done to glass during the expansion is not exhausted.Order a glass cutting according to your dimensions in a special workshop.Measure how much you need to bead.

7 Buy in hardware store bead and white or clear silicone sealant.If you gently pulled out when removing the glass bead, you can use the old one.When buying a sealant pay attention to the instructions on the packaging.Joinery will be subject to large temperature fluctuations, so that the silicone should be suitable.When using the seal in the box, you will need building gun.Either buy a sealant packaged in syringes, but it is unprofitable.

8 sawed bead size with a hacksaw with fine teeth.Tamp it thin window cloves so that at the location in the frame, carnations were parallel to the glass.

9 Promazhte silicone sealant all folds.Put a couple of matches at the bottom of the frame to set the gap and the glass.Gently push it to the frame on all sides, remove the match.

10 Nail bead.Fillet is necessary to cover with paint.This can be done prior to installing it in the frame during the complete or staining of the window.