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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to get rid of cockroaches forever , the best means of


  • 1 How can I see the cockroaches out of the apartment?
  • 2 Effective folk remedies from cockroaches
  • 3 best, fast and effective means of getting rid of the home of black cockroaches in the apartment
How to get rid of cockroaches in the apartment photo cockroach best effective remedy for the home of black cockroaches in the apartment is ...

In any house or apartment cockroaches are unwelcome.The presence of these insects, of course, is not conducive to comfortable living.Fortunately, thanks to many years of experience struggle with cockroaches in the apartment and the house has accumulated a lot of ways to get rid of them.In this article we consider the basic methods and rules to combat these insects.Maybe you can so the same need instruction on how to deal with mold on the walls of an apartment or a fungus.

How to bring the cockroaches out of the apartment?

for cockroaches water is much more important than food.When the room is plunged into darkness, cockroaches are primarily looking for a source of water droplets on the floor, sin

k, toilet.In cases where the insect has eaten poison, but then managed to drink the water, it dies not.Bottom line.Kitchen during the fight against these pests must be kept meticulously clean.Particular attention should be to focus on surfaces, they should always be wiped dry.By the way, without eating cockroaches can live for a long time.Even in cases when you leave the apartment for a few weeks, and take away all the supplies of food, do not expect that during this period the insects disappear.

Many methods to combat cockroaches in an apartment based on the same features.In the event of contamination, even a cockroach when he returns to the nest, he infects others.On this principle work by means of many of these insects.These creatures are very curious.They are always very interested in new pleasant smells.

How to get rid of cockroaches for good and fast with these features?First, consider the "national" means and methods of combating these pests.Note that these methods are very effective, but their implementation requires 3-4 weeks.Only then is wait for the results.

Effective folk remedies from cockroaches

People, who for many years lived in communal apartments and dormitories, and there is the problem of cockroaches is very urgent, has been clarified by the fact that these insects are very afraid of boric acid. Boric acid kills insects instantly.But when they touch it, they have a very strong itching and pain, and eventually die.With the help of their antennae one cockroach acid passes their relatives, who are also beginning to experience a very unpleasant feeling.To implement this method, only need to buy the pharmacy boric acid, and process it all surfaces where cockroaches are most often found.These include water sources, vents, baseboards and other. Places where insects.Boric acid does not bear harm to people and pets.So there is no fear for pets.

Effective folk remedies to get rid of cockroaches photo As already noted, the cockroaches are very curious.This ability can also be used to combat them.First you need to boil the potatoes and eggs.Then mix those components and add the boric acid.As a result, you should get a thick mass.From this mass necessary to dazzle the small balls.When the beads are dry, place them around the house or apartment.Especially accent attention to bathroom and kitchen.Putting balls needed in areas where cockroaches are most often.For example, in the kitchen, you should put them near the garbage can.The bathroom near the toilet.In the afternoon, you can remove the balls, because you can accidentally step on and crush them.And cockroaches are not strongly active in the daytime.But at night you need to lay them back.

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How does it work this popular way to get rid of cockroaches?

smell of food would kill the smell of boric acid, and the insect must come out to inspect the bait.It is worth to him to touch the bait with their antennae, and the cockroach is doomed.Moreover, when they return to the nest it infects also other "cousins".The more interesting "bugs" will be coming to the ball, the faster will be distributed boric acid and die cockroaches.Once cockroaches are displayed, it is desirable to leave some balls in locations where they will not hinder anyone.For example in the cabinets.It is not excluded that the neighbor cockroaches can get to you.

best, fast and effective means of getting rid of the home of black cockroaches in the apartment

There are enough many ready means to control cockroaches , who work quickly and efficiently.One has only to note that chemicals need to be very careful.After their application remains an unpleasant odor resistant.This is especially true dispensers.Also, some agents may be harmful to animals and humans.Therefore, the choice of means to control cockroaches need to be treated very carefully.And be sure to read the instructions and follow all recommendations for use of, or the means, and th.

These are the types of tools to deal with cockroaches, you can buy in stores:

Gels cockroaches. They are sold in syringes.Gels are applied in small drops on the surface, at a distance of about ten centimeters from each other around the perimeter of the room.For the treatment of an apartment or house, depending on their size, it may take several syringes with gels.This poison works well.

also very popular tool in the fight against insect traps are from cockroaches.The trap is a small round box, in which there are a few openings for the entrance of insects.Inside the box there is a poison.Once infected cockroach returns to the nest, and infects other insects.

houses from cockroaches.They are a small cardboard boxes in a house.Inside the house a bait for cockroach and duct tape.The smell of the bait to lure them inside the house, where they are glued to the walls of the house.Type glued to the walls of the house relatives, in no way deters new insects.

also quite common sprays cockroaches.Aerosol sprayed the place of their clusters, door jambs, baseboards, cracks.It takes time to change the spray from time to time.As they gradually get used to one aerosol, and its application to become ineffective.

very popular and cheaper means are crayons from cockroaches.Finely processed baseboards, cracks, door jambs, and others. Places where insects.It is recommended that treatment once a week.

The best home remedy effective black cockroaches in the apartment One of the most reliable and fast methods to control and get rid of the home of black cockroaches, it is a special challenge service.In each of these services, their methods of struggle against insects.They conduct a thorough and serious treatment facilities.Each such company provides a guarantee for their services.

Cockroaches not only disgust and spoil the aesthetics of the house or apartment, but are carriers of dangerous diseases.Of course, the fight with them - it is not simple.But you of all the proposed methods and the most effective means, will surely find one that will help to get rid of cockroaches forever quickly.Stay online all for the repair of an apartment on their own!