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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to choose the right tile for the bathroom and calculate the required number of

How to choose the right tile for the bathroom room photo Choose a good tile for the bathroom.

A bathroom can rightly be considered separate room in the apartments.Even in spite of its often small dimensions, repair it is one of the most costly and time-consuming operations.The best material, used in the decoration of bathrooms, ceramic tile is always considered.When choosing material for interior design must necessarily take into account all its characteristics.Each manufacturer produces various ceramics collection for floors and walls, and the material is different in its characteristics.Recall we have already examined in detail how the technology laying tiles on the floor and walls of the bathroom, check if you put yourself, and video instructions will help penetrate more detail.Thus, materials for cladding must meet the following requirements:

• Minimal moisture absorbency;

• Increased resistance to household chemicals;

• stability of the surface;

• tolerance to changes in temperature and to steam.

For additional floor covering to meet a series

of requirements:

• surface resistance to abrasion;

• increased resistance to bending;

• exposed to abrasive resistance.

best material for floors is considered granite, but it often has a higher price.If you wish to save on finishing bath can help selling ceramic tiles, where you can easily find quality material at an affordable price.Another factor for the choice of tiles for the bathroom - it is its color scheme.Materials for walls and floors can be identical in color and texture or contrast.In the same color, they will complement each other well, but not many differences in shades.If you prefer a contrast solution, then they something to be supported, for example, the color gamut of ceiling coverings, furniture and sanitary ware.When choosing a location, where the tile, you must also take into account the thickness of the material will be used.Oblitsovyvaya walls can choose the material thickness of 6 - 10 mm, and the floor is necessary to choose thicker tile 10 - 12 mm.And do not forget that you have selected the ceramic must be of high quality, otherwise the surface very quickly subjected to destruction.

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How to calculate the required number of tiles for the bathroom

is extremely important to make a correct calculation of the amount of necessary materials for the lining.During the installation of the material, it is often necessary to cut, so it is better to buy a stock.This stock will ensure that the material for the cladding is enough, and even during the repair you will not need to re-buy it.Calculating the number of tiles needed for lining is carried out very simply.For starters calculated the total area of ​​the surfaces to be veneered.This area is measured according to the formula, which is known to everyone else on the school curriculum - the floor perimeter multiplied by the height of the walls, and then the result obtained vychetaetsya area of ​​all openings of the room.The floor area can be calculated by multiplying the length by the width.

further calculation is made based on the size of your chosen material.First, calculate the area of ​​one cell unit, corresponding to the specified format.For example, in tile format 0.25 * 33m area is 0,082 sq.m.Then count the number of items needed for one square meter.The figures vary only on the material format.The resulting number of elements in one square meter is multiplied by the entire surface area.The calculation can be considered fully complete.You just have to calculate the curbs.To do this, take the perimeter of the room and divide by the length of the 1st border.You should always take into account all the architectural features of the space.Experts always advise to add to the result 8 - 10%.Do not forget also about the ventilation of the bathroom.We have the correct choice of ceramic tiles and high-quality installation.

How to choose the right tile for the bathroom and calculate the required number of